ROLLUPNDYE's Shop Announcement

MEASUREMENTS are listed below. Also, details about COMPLETION TIME and RUSH order rates. I will ship anywhere in the world. I am just gonna figure out international shipping on a need to know basis. No worries. Thank you for your interest in my wearable handmade art. Washing instructions are also listed below.

I measure by laying the shirt out flat. Every "body" is different. So, it is kind my control..if this were science :) my point o neutral.

Gildan collar to bottom / armpit to armpit

Adult Small 26.5" / 17.5"

Adult Medium 28.5" / 19.5"

Adult Large 29" / 21"

Adult XL 29" / 23.5"

Adult 2XL 30.5" / 25.5"

Adult 3XL 31.5" / 28"


4X 33" / 29"

Child Gildan

Child 2T 16" / 12.5"

Child 3T 17" / 13.5"

Child 4T 18" / 15"

Child XS 17"/13"

Child Small 19" / 15"

Child Medium 21" / 16"

Child Large 22" / 17"

Child XL 24" / 18"

Gildan Women's cut

Small 24"/16"

Medium 24"/18"

Large 25 1/2"/20"

XL 26 1/2"/21 1/2"

100% Organic Cotton ($3 more per garment)

Collar to bottom/Armpit to armpit

Women's Cut Sizes:

Small 21.5"/16.5"

Medium 22"/18"

Large 24"/19.5"

X-Large 25"/20.5"

XX-Large 25"/22.5"

Men's cut

Large 25" / 22"


4 YR 16.5" / 13"

6 YR 18.5" / 14"

8 YR 20" / 15.5"

10 YR 21" / 17"

I ask that you give me 6-8 weeks to complete your CUSTOM order. (this is to keep my tush safe). Often I can complete them faster, but not always. It always depends on how many orders I have to complete at the time.

What I have in stock is shipped within 3 business days.

RUSH orders (start date is date of payment, not the date you first message me)
If you need them faster, in 1 week $15 additional per item and expedited shipping costs, 2 weeks $10 additional per item, and expedited shipping costs.
3-4 weeks is simply a $8 additional per item and a bit more postage.
I have a variety of items available. If you don't see a design or a size you want, simply message me. If I don't have it in stock, I can make it for you.

What I have in stock is shipped within 3-5 business days.

Washing instructions

Here are some directions for washing to be sure your shirts stay happy and bright for years to come.
First off, fear not, I have already washed them in a textile detergent designed to remove all excess dye from the material. (yay!)
From this point forward it is best to use a detergent that does not contain optic brighteners (they tend to fade colors) So, any color happy detergent (I use Woolite for darks) will do the trick.
I wash them on cold with my DARK colors. Then I dry them on low.
Waaaaahlah! Ready to wear again. (then repeat) :o)

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.