RadRayRay's Shop Announcement

Hello! =]

First off, welcome to my shop. A little bit about myself: My name is Rachel. I've been an artist all my life. I am currently eighteen and was studying fashion design at Pratt Institute. Now, surprise, surprise, I am studying metalsmithing/jewelry design. For more information about myself, visit my seller profile please.

Just a few other things I want to make sure you're aware of:
-I would be happy to send you additional pictures if you ask. Send me a convo for any questions or requests.
-Color may be slightly different than what is pictured, as you know cameras aren't the best at capturing colors perfectly.
-The measurements I have listed for each necklace are the length of the part that goes around your neck. If the necklace has a focal dangle, that is not part of the measurement unless stated.
- When determining if a necklace will fit, I find it easiest to take a piece of string the length of the necklace and drape it around my neck. Or even possibly a necklace you already own.
- I can lengthen and shorten most necklaces and bracelets upon request, however, some cannot be altered without having to construct a completely new piece.
- I am also able to change the clasp of the necklace for most of the necklaces (this is not possible for some of them) if you would prefer a different one.
- The earrings are not hypo-allergenic or sterling silver unless stated. I do have nickle-free hypo allergenic earwires I can switch out the other ones for upon request. I also have some sterling silver earwires that I can switch out for an additional $1.
- Additionally, the earring measurements are approximate and do not include any additional length created by the earwire. I measure just the dangle.
- Please keep in mind that all items are handmade and are to be treated as such.

That's about all I can think of for now. Stuff may be added to this every so often, so even if you are a returning customer, glance back over this if you can.

If you prefer to purchase supplies, please take a look at my other shop ; I have all sorts of goodies there.

Any little bit helps, so if you can't buy anything today, fav my shops and an item or two if you can. ;)
I'll try to always thank everyone personally, and who knows, maybe I'll throw in a coupon code.

For additional questions or photo requests, feel free to send me a convo! =] (I know this is a repeat message, but seriously, I'd love to hear from you! =] )

only one coupon code per transaction may be used.

I do have a 10% student discount available. Valid proof that you are a student needs to be shown.

Note to international buyers: The shipping prices I have are an estimate. Please note that I will send you an invoice for additional shipping charges if there are any.