Making a desk clock
Cutting the board
The color range for our items

Recycled computers on their way to live new life

We are the husband and wife who started this shop to give a new life for broken computer parts.
Yaroslav worked with computers for years and collected plenty of broken parts. There is some magic in tearing apart computer hard drive and discovering the shiny surface of the disc.
And do you know how many colors used to make motherboards? We know it! And want to share our finds with you.

Almost all the hard work for the shop is made by Yaroslav. Sometimes Natalka takes part in design but usually design, cutting, polishing, soldering and anything the production requires is under his care.

We really care about quality of our items. We use lead and nickel free findings and sterling silver plated cufflinks. All our ear wires are hypoallergenic.

Welcome to our shop:
owner, maker, designer, curator
The geek, computer engineer, designer and maker
owner, maker, designer, curator

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