RecyclingTheBlues' Shop Announcement

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VINTAGE SHOES (pumps, heels, platforms...) now at reduced price. Look for reduced price on hats coming soon!

Just a reminder, what is in my shop is but a very small example so if you are looking for something specific or have an idea in your mind of what you would like to see, please let me know. For example, linens, aprons, kitchen addition to the clothing and accessories. I do venture deep within the racks and bins of the back room and oft forgotten closets (the trunks and the top shelves, too) to search for those special requests and will try to get representative items added for your selection.
Whether filming, photo shoots, theater, special events, decorating, staging, costuming or helping you to build your vintage wardrobe or collection, it may very well be that I have what you are looking for.
Love sharing my vintage clothing, artifacts, and favorites. More to be added, so stop by often! Please don't hesitate even for a moment if you have questions, suggestions, great stories, requests, or just a simple wave and cheery "Hello". Many thanks for all of your wonderful and creative inspirations.

I so wished that Recycling the Books would be open and bustling by now. It appears that I cannot juggle two Etsy shops and my current outside job (and expect to sleep) so, for the time being, I will incorporate the Books into the Blues! A separate category, of course, but within the same shop. Mostly books with an occasional record, magazine, catalogue, or three. I may add more of my art collection to this category, as well.

As most are well aware, now, the US post office increased their pricing. Soooo, if I under estimate on international, I will cover the overage. If I over estimate (by more than 1-2 dollars) I will certainly refund the overage. Until I get this all figured out, let's say I will be somewhat winging it!
Bear with me, Loves. We can work this out!!


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.