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Rez Hoofz is an independantly owned business, specializing in painted contemporary and custom made Native American design work. The conception of Rez Hoofz started in 2006, when artist Joy Lynn Parton (Oglala Lakota/Ft. Sill Apache) recieved her artistic vision to put fourth painted dolls of the Lakota persuaion. The dream as she would interpret it, coinicided with a traditional lakota story as old as time. In coming, the tale of the "No Face Woman."

For generations, the Lakota elders would sit and tell the story of the woman with "no face" to their children. The story as passed down, would remember a beautiful woman who was unable to get passed her own appearence of good looks. The woman could be found day after day, looking at her own reflection in a neighboring river that ran along side the camp. Each day, year after year, as she grew more beautiful she would taunt and tease those whom she felt were less attractive, with how gorgeous she was. One day, as she was sitting by the riverside, a spirit appeared to this beautiful woman and warned her that vanity had no place in the camp circle. He told her, if you continue to sit here and admire yourself in the reflection of the water, instead of being a good relative and helping those in the camp circle, the spirits will take what you value the most. The beautiful woman paid no attention to what the spirits told her and continued to taunt and tease the others and returned to her daily ritual of sitting by the riverside admiring her great beauty. This angered the spirits who had warned her, so they appeared to her once again and said, we told you that if you did not listen, we would take what you valued most, so from this day forward you will walk in this world with no face and be a keeper of the children. As promised, the spirits took her face. She was no longer the most beautiful woman in camp and she became humbled. The once beautiful woman grew very angry, alone and with no beauty to boast, she found herself weary until one day, a child in the camp approched her and asked, why do you not have a face? The woman told the child, it is because I did not listen and because I had a mean heart to those who had less then me. The child then told the woman, you have a lot to teach us. It was then, that the woman decided it was time to forget her once beautiful face and dedicate herself in teaching the children the value of having a good heart and being a good relative.

The moral of the story is to let your inner beauty shape the change you want to be for yourself and those in the world. This is the vision behind Rez Hoofs. The mission being, through creative expressionism we can all have the inner beauty we seek. One that matches the inside of who we are, on the outside.

I was just asked to tell my story of how i came up with the idea of my ladies so here it is ill try ..
can u tell the story for these ? they are just beautiful
20 minutes ago ยท Like
Rez Hoofz ok ill try .. when i was living in Minnesota i was a single mother having a hard time i had just got out of treatment and was sober for about two years at the time. i was having a hard time with my son who was in preteens at the time .. he was acting out . fighting with me and at times hitting me.. i was working two jobs just to make ends meat and it seems they never did.. i decided to take my son home to the reservation to stay with my grandparents and uncles .. so i could drink.. my thinking was i sobered up to give my son a better life.. but he didnt care he was so mean .. i just wanted to give up.. after calling home and asking my uncle to meet me half way i took my son back home to the reservation.. my plan was to start drinking again and live a party life .. i stopped in Albert Lee MN got me a case of beer and a bottle of vodka .. when i got home it was late so i decided to start my drinking in the morning... i went to bed and fell asleep.. i woke to the sound of a owl calling my name and singing .. all i could think was omg i hope nothing bad is coming . i started to pray.. them it got louder and louder.. i looked out the small window by my bed .. everything was a butterscotch yellow.. the sky the grass the trees everything .. i looked up and see the huge owl in the tree it was a huge white owl... i started to cry.. telling her take me .. she flew up and landed on the ground and she turned in to a women all in white buckskin everything was white on her .. the bead work her hair her skin and her fan.. i continued to cry asking her to take me . i told her it was like a prison here and no mater what i did i couldn't make my life better... she told me no that i had to stay and do what i was meant to do here on earth.. then all these people started to join her .. i looked and it was people i knew form home aunties uncles and grandparents who have passed away .. they told me to be strong and everything would be ok ... i continued to cry and that fast they was all gone.. the next morning i got up and went to a friends wood shop and asked him to cut out my doll shape .. he cut me one i went home and made my first doll she was all white just like the owl women who came. i took her back to the shop to show my friend ... he said WOW i have to cut you out HUNDREDS of them they are beautiful... i laughed and said ok .. he started cutting them .. that day i went home and started painting the ladies soon my whole living room was full of the ladies they was on every wall.. and i had not remembered i painted my living room butterscotch yellow months before... as i looked at my living room . i thought omg this is like my dream... at this time it was the end of summer and that case of beer and the vodka still sat in my fridge unopened and untouched ... i took my ladies to a pow wow and sold every one of them .. i had made more money then i did working at my two jobs that summer... tell this day i continue to create because i believe she brought me a gift to help me in my life and share with all of you wonderful people i know the ladies protect and watch over me . these Ladies are so special to me im not a great writer so i hope this made since

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