SalukiFeathers' Shop Announcement

Hello Etsy people!

I've gotten quite a few orders through the holidays and January, and have decided to put my shop on semi-vacation for two or three weeks so that things slow down and I can complete everything that is currently on order (most listings have been temporarily deactivated). I've also had a recurring pinched nerve in my shoulder, and need to have a solid week of no tooling in order for it to heal properly. I'm going to complete and send out everything that's already been ordered as expected, so if you are expecting a collar or belt, rest assured that it'll get to you on time!

I'd also like to take some time to work on a few new concepts that I've come up with - or been asked to create. Among these are an Iron Man collar, a Bacon collar (yes, a Bacon collar.. mmm.. bacon..), a Wave of Kanagawa collar, a few interesting techniques for leashes, a few types of archery arm guards (a hobby my husband and I have gotten into over the past year), iPad holsters (I have a few styles in mind and need to work out the best one), and a few interesting art concepts. I've also been working on some new airbrush styles that I'd like to try out.

If you would like to order something, send me a convo and I can create you a custom listing, just be advised that my normal 2-3 week crafting timeline will be extended to 4-5 weeks for new orders. I'm still around and will respond to convos as normal, I'm just not going to be working on commissions until early (or maybe mid) March.

Thanks for visiting my shop, and feel free to send me a convo if you have any questions!

Have a nice February,
Julia @ SalukiFeathers


Looking for a unique leather collar for your special dog? My leather creations are entirely handmade and will look stunning on your hound. Sighthound, buckle, limited slip and adjustable collars are just the beginning. I can also work with you on a custom design.

On April 5, 2013, we lost our house (and my leather studio) to a fire. With the exception of our aquarium fish, we are all alive and well. I'd like to thank everyone for their well wishes! We're currently living elsewhere, and I've replaced my essential leather tools. I'm resuming crafting custom orders, although I've kept the shop "on holiday" to keep the order volume down. You're welcome to convo me about a custom creation!

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