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The owner of SceeneShoes is on vacation.

To people looking for new orders or requests:
The goal is to reopen this store before June and hopefully with new products too. I have had a hard time catching up this past year, and I do have new ideas I was never able to list because I wanted to get all my previous orders finished. If you would like to receive a message when the shop is reopened, please check the box at the bottom of the page.

For everyone else:
The shop is temporarily closed, but I have NOT forgotten about anyone who has already placed an order. To those people, I thank you tremendously for your patience and understanding while I am continuing to catch up on your orders. Being one person I was blown away by the amount of customers I gained and then some personal matters came up in my life that just threw everything askew. I really thought I could keep up; I was embarrassed and super scared that I would let people down. I never expected such positive feedback, let alone for my products to sell this well. 
I honestly didn’t know what to do, I wanted to close the shop to catch up but at the same time I needed the funds to keep the store and products afloat. At this point though I have to be honest with myself and make this happen, I don’t want to have to give refunds if I don’t have to, I want to get everyone’s order out and complete a positive customer experience even if it took me way too long for the product to be shipped. For that, I do feel terrible but I do want to honor all the orders and I know if I close the store I can focus all my attention on past orders.


I will be starting from my oldest orders and moving forward, which would only be fair, and because the store is closed it shouldn’t take as long. As I go through this process I feel like people deserve to know what’s going on as it will be really hard to answer emails daily just due to being one person and wanting to dedicate myself to finishing these bras as quickly and as best as possible. So please understand I will answer emails as quickly as possible but I want to devote most my time to the bras and getting them done.


Please send an email to sceeneshoes [!at] with the subject line stating: "YOUR NAME cancel" If the subject line says something different, it will get sorted wrong and I cannot promise that I will see your email. I understand the frustration of the wait period and for that I can’t say sorry enough, but I do hope you can continue to be patient and allow me the chance to get all the orders done, but I absolutely understand if the wait is to long and you want your money back.

Please know this is an automated message that is sent out when you email, because my shop is closed and like I said, I will answer as soon as I can but my goal is to get orders done as quickly as possible. But please do email if you have any concerns or questions, I am not here to out any one person, I honestly feel like a terrible person and I just want to get everyone’s order out, so please continue to be understanding through this time and I will do everything I can to keep everything in motion and get your products out that I know you will love… even if it took way too long.

Twitter: @sceeneshoes

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SceeneShoes' Shop Announcement

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PLACED AN ORDER, please know that I have not forgotten about it. I received a lot of traffic all at once, which has gotten me behind. I am using this time to get all orders out as soon as possible.
If you do not wish to wait any longer, feel free to send a message letting me know that you would like to cancel. I definitely want to get all orders out and don't encourage anyone to cancel, but the delay is my fault, so I totally understand if the wait is too much or has become an inconvenience for you.

If you would like an update on the status of your placed order, please send a message here on etsy, and I will get back to you as soon as I can (2-6 days) with all of the details.

PLEASE KNOW it is not my intention to cause any hard feelings. I am working as hard as one person can to keep all customers happy. I did not anticipate so much traffic, so I am deeply sorry that I have to add on to the already large wait time.

REMEMBER: I apologize and take full responsibility for the delay, but I do not like to be treated rudely :) I am easy to talk to and will always try my hardest to keep everyone happy :)

Please remember that I am working VERY VERY hard to keep orders going out.



Available Sizes:
32A, 32B, 32C, 32D
34A, 34B, 34C, 34D
36A, 36B, 36C
38B, 38C
36D, 38D - **Extra $5.00 charge**
40C, 40D - **Extra $5.00 charge**
42D, 42DD - **Extra $5.00 charge**
32DD/E, 34DD/E, 36DD/E, 38DD/E, 40DD/E - **Extra $5.00 charge**
34DDD/F, 36DDD/F, 38DDD/F, 40DDD/F - **Extra $10.00 charge**
34G, 36G, 38G, 40G - **Extra $14.00 charge**

All sizes above are in US sizes. Please refer to the conversion chart to check your US size if you are in another country.

$5.00 Size Upgrade -
$10.00 Size Upgrade -
$14.00 Size Upgrade -

If you need the size upgrade, please select "Size Upgrade", and then add the bra of your choice and the Bra Upgrade to your cart before checking out. Please feel free to message me if you need help with this.

Message me about sending in your own bra for a discounted price.
All sizes above are US sizes. Please refer to the conversion chart to check your US size if you are in another country.

Bra conversion charts are available in every listing.
Convo me before you purchase if you would like to order or have questions about the additional sizes listed, or if you would like to send a bra of your own for a discounted price.