SoRad's Shop Announcement

In response to comments about So Rad’s greeting cards “These designs would be so cool on baby clothes” So Rad has finally created a clothing line for babies and toddlers!

The clothes are designed to be functional and help in everyday parental madness! :) Each item created was carefully thought out and designed to match features *I* as a parent liked and found useful in parts of existing clothes, So Rad put it all together!

So Rad makes cool stuff – greeting cards and little apparel for babies and toddlers. Not your average kind of stuff either!
Stylin’, funny, creative, simple and so rad!
Bamboo fabrics are good for the environment and super soft on bebe’s skin. It’s win-win. Known for it’s UV protection, antibacterial properties (the clothes won’t smell) and naturally hypoallergenic – is bamboo the grass (yes, it’s part of the grass family) of the future? How can you go wrong?
Rock the the playground with So Rad’s colourful and stylin’ get-ups.

So Rad makes Mummy madness manageable
This stuff will make you smile – we want to come home with you:)