Soapsforu1's Shop Announcement

All Natural Handmade Soap using Vegan friendly oils, colorants, exfoliates, emollients, mild cleansing abrasives and scents. No artificial preservatives or additives are used. Some of the natural exfoliates, colorants and mild cleansing abrasives used are corn meal, poppy seeds, calendula blossoms, powdered rose hips & oatmeal, coffee grounds and powdered Barley Grass.

Our Soapsforu should be used with a soap saver to extend their life as no preservatives are used in any Soapsforu products. The soap saver allows the soap to dry completely and that ensures a longer life.

Our Hard Lotion Bars are made with 100% Pure Beeswax and leave a thin protective coating after use that aids in moisture retention. These bars are great for eczema, calluses, cuticles, rough hard working hands, dry cracked feet & rough elbows.

They are also referred to as Gardener's Hard Lotion Bars as the beeswax coating also prevents dirt from getting embedded into your skin which makes cleaning your hands easier after finishing those tough gardening chores.

The Sugar Scrubs do such a good job moisturizing your skin that lotions may no longer be necessary. Some of the scrubs (Lemon and Orange) are great in the kitchen when used to deodorize your hands after chopping pungent vegetables like onions and garlic.

The Natural Cane Turbinado Sugar used in these scrubs is a great exfoliate.

Our products may contain cocoa, mango or shea butters; olive, almond, grape seed, macadamia nut, apricot kernel, sunflower, castor, coconut, canola, jojoba, avocado, palm or Vitamin E oils, cocoa, flower blossoms or clays.

All our products are scented with natural essential and fragrance oils for aroma therapy benefits. Enjoy!