SomebodySomewhere's Shop Announcement

Somebody, Somewhere will be selling off editions of photographs, original artwork, this, that, and the other. Our goal is to raise money for people who need it. We will give the money earned to various charities, but also directly to someone in need. It is our intention to make a difference on a more personal level.

So, you buy something, we give the money to someone who really needs it. It really is a win/win for everybody involved.

We are currently raising money for Lungs For Lee. Lee Wallace is a good friend of our who has been battling Pulmonary Fibrosis since April of 2008...he is also an amazing musician who has contributed endlessly to the Greensboro music scene. Please help us as we try to make the bills a little less daunting. Buy a print or donate directly here:

Spread the word. The more folks that know about this the more helpful we can be. Find us at Somebody Somewhere on Facebook. Hit the "like" button and we'll keep you up to date on future offerings.