Sourbagsandtotes' Shop Announcement

--->-->The TOP SIDE collection has begun! Which will soon fill up with incredible bags, all one of a kind of course just like you! * wink*

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ALSO Still have lots of CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP bags for sale. Gettem' while they are awesome and they are!

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Are you tired of having to hold everything in your hands? Well not anymore! Now you can use BAGS, you heard me right folks....BAGS! And they come in all shapes and sizes. But which to choose from? Well you can always count on SOUR BAGS & TOTES to have an awesome and unique selection of handcrafted bags. They are all one of a kinds and you've never looked better with one! You'll be the envy of all your friends with Sour Bags & Totes! ;)

But seriously folks, all of my bags are designed and created by me. I don't really follow patterns so sizes may vary. I also never repeat the same bag twice. Keeps you looking unique! Take a peak at them and see if anything catches your eye.

Please hand wash all bags in cold water.