SupplyDiva's Shop Announcement

Copper Blanks, Brass Blanks, German Silver Blanks, Sterling Silver, Bronze Blanks, Soldering Supplies, Bezel Wire, Gunmetal Wire. Enameling Shapes and Forms Galore! We make all of these by hand, we do not outsource our work! We sell all kinds of things! We are hoping to grow our little shop to have all kinds of findings, metal shapes, and other interesting things for Crafty Divas out there! Help us support Divas in Mexico build a better life! We are a small workshop that helps ladies here by teaching them about business, crafts, art, and life in general. We thank you for checking us out! We really *DO* care about our customers and take our work very seriously.

If you requested holes punched or drilled, or additional polishing, or a different metal than shown please be patient, we do these extra things as fast as possible. It can take 1 to 3 days, and in some cases (when soldering and creating rings, or other finished items) longer. Please convo us and we can give you updates. Our workload is pretty heavy at times!

The last packages took an average of 10 business days to reach the US but sometimes occasionally they do take longer (up to 15 to 20 Business Days). So please be patient! I have found our mail service very reliable, most mistakes or mishaps are on the US Side (hard for me to believe, but true, I am American too!). Packages can take up to 20 business days to arrive, this is not usual, only happens with major holidays or some other *burp*.

Please track your package on your own Countries system. USPS works with our tracking numbers just fine. Once you see it on USPS even though they put up misleading messages that means it is in the US! We send everyone their tracking info! Please check out the messages or look at your invoice (it is there too)

If you are looking for Lampwork Art Beads please check out our sister shop at and

Some info about our metal forms:
We can "Mostly" cut out any of our shapes from 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 gauge metals, we use Pure 100% copper, brass, and bronze, nickel silver and with consideration Sterling Silver. If the item has very small cuts it would have to be 20 gauge and thinner. Please convo us for more info or concerns.

Our Metal Shapes are cut out in our small Metal Workshop here in Mexico. Our Metal Sheet is 1st Grade for these shapes. The Metal is often annealed, cut, then formed on a 80, 100 & 120 Ton Press, it is amazing to see these machines at work. You can see one at work here

These figures and forms can be filed, polished, stamped, soldered, drilled, textured, fused, bent, and our Copper Shapes Enameled and used any way you see fit. We usually de-bur and polish some when possible. Of course these are not finished completely and that is left up to you. These are called "Blanks" in the jewelry trade, these are not finished ready to go items. If you want the item completely finished please convo us for a quote. We are happy to help!

Some info about our Gunmetal Items:
Our Gunmetal Items have a permanent treatment done in a similar manner to Silver Plating. All of our wire for this is Bronze wire . It is alot stiffer than copper cored materials. Our Pendant Pieces and Discs are all Copper in the Center. This is a tough finish similar to real Gunmetal. Of course if you are rough with it, it can be nicked or scraped away. It is a lovely material and I am the only person producing this material at this time. It is done in small batches and is rather intensive to produce.

Some info about our Bronze:
Prince's metal or Prince Rupert's metal is a type of alpha brass containing 75% copper and 25% zinc. Due to its beautiful yellow color, it is used as an imitation of gold. The alloy was named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine.

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