The owner of TaosDawnSoap is on vacation.

Thank you for stopping by my Taos Dawn Soap Shop. My shop is temporarily closed while I focus on my painting and consider closing my soap business for good.

To see prints of some of my paintings, please visit my Dawn Chandler Studio store here on Etsy:

Thank you and best wishes.

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TaosDawnSoap's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Taos Dawn Soap Shop. Taos Dawn Soaps are hand-crafted by me in my home in the pine forests of New Mexico. When creating soap, I make just very small batches of 20 - 30 bars, cutting, stamping and labeling each bar by hand.

Taos Dawn soaps are made with very basic and essential ingredients: olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, pure distilled water and sodium hydroxide. To this velvety concoction I add beautiful, sensual fragrances. The rich colors of the bars come from cosmetic-grade powdered pigments and dyes. Depending of the type of soap, I may incorporate other natural additives like finely powdered bentonite clay for a rich lather, or ground apricot seeds and loofah, for a gently exfoliating effect. Note that there are no preservatives in Taos Dawn Soap.

Please see individual soap descriptions for more details on soap ingredients and fragrances.

Each batch of Taos Dawn Soaps cures for at least one month before being labeled and made available for purchase. Curing simply allows the soap to dry and firm up, making for a lovely, long-lasting bar.

Each bar of Taos Dawn Soap is hand-stamped with a sun design and identified with a hand-colored label.

Taos Dawn Soaps come in over thirty enticing and beguiling fragrances. Very generally they can be broken down into three categories:

-- Floral (leaning toward the "feminine")
-- Earth (leaning toward the "masculine")
-- Universal (somewhere in the middle)

Again, these categories are very general. The sense of smell is such a subjective phenomenon, that it's difficult to narrow these aromas down to a category agreed upon by all patrons. I’ve had exceptionally feminine patrons select the Earth fragrances for their own use, while some very masculine patrons have selected the Floral fragrances, and still others go for the Universal scents. Really, it all comes down to the individual. Treat yourself and try them all; you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised!

Check back here often to see the latest fragrance offerings from Taos Dawn Soaps. With over thirty fragrances to choose from, I'll be offering more soaps for sale in the coming weeks as each batch cures.

Please read my "Policies" section for additional information about hand-crafted soap.

Orders will be shipped within three business days via USPS or UPS.
Shipping is $3 for the initial bar, and $0.50 (50 cents) per bar there after.

Thanks very much for visiting my Taos Dawn Soap Shop.
Note that I have one other shop here on Etsy -- my Dawn Chandler Studio store where I sell my original paintings and fine art prints of my work. You can find my studio store here:

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