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When I make the bracelets I refer to my piles of stones that I have been hand picking for many years.I usually go by color and spend hours matching stones , shapes and colors.I then make the silver elements and compose a bracelet.It is tricky trying to balance the stones and make it fit. I especially like the bracelets that are asymmetric but even then, I have to make them so they are balanced. If you wear your item and find there is a design flaw.....I am happens, just ask and I will gladly change.
I set every stone and make every element. It's just me doing the work and designing each piece. The bracelets are tedious but satisfying to me when I finish. The most important thing to me is that my customers are happy with their purchases.
Because I have been doing this for so many years.....ooh...I will do small special shows, sell from my studio, and sell online, I have stopped doing galleries, only for short shows....if you see something and it is gone, it usually means I have sold it elsewhere. .

Please measure the smallest part of your wrist to communicate your size. I will work the bracelet so it fits ....adding or I can make the bracelet smaller without losing any pieces from the bracelet. You can use a soft tape measure. If the bracelet needs to be made larger I will enlarge at no cost but please do not request a certain element or stone, I will work the bracelet as I see it and the space I need to fit in a piece. ......its difficult balancing the bracelet and lately everyone is asking for things that would never work or elements and stones that should increase the cost by a large amount. Please trust me to make the bracelet work, its usually a small space that has to be re-worked.
I will take returns on pieces that have not been on reserve for longer than a week. Please contact me the same day and I will give you a refund as soon as I receive it. I will give you three days for shipping priority and will not refund shipping costs.
I will reserve with communication for no longer than two weeks, and please don't request a reserve unless you are positive that you want it. I'm always making new pieces and I feel that reserving a piece is a definite sale because it takes that piece out of commission. I do not do layaway. Reproducing sold items is difficult because I often buy limited "one of a kind" stones. My bracelets are not delicate but they are not large and chunky. The price of silver and stones would make a large and too chunky bracelet expensive.I will give you the center stone dimension if you wish.


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