How it began

The Clad Stache was established in 2012 by its Owner and Designer Taylor Hanna. After realizing that it was hard to find good quality Bow Ties that fit into his style for under $120, he decided to buy a sewing machine, and learn to make his own. The Clad Stache was born! We strive to design Bow Ties that can be worn with just about anything that has a collar on it. We are passionate about helping men find their style and creating the perfect piece for you. Custom work is some of our favorite. If you are interested in having a custom piece make sure to check out the Custom section if our web site and send us an email.

"We like to mix fabrics, bringing not just color and patterns to life but introducing texture. We want people to not only be drawn to our Bow Ties from the patterns and colors we use but we want them to touch our Bow Ties, and for women to want to just grab you by the Bow and Pull you closer to them! The Bow Tie is a long forgotten accessory that can completely change the look of an outfit. It can turn a man into a gentleman, a young man into a man, and a boy into a young man."
Taylor Hanna
I have a strange fascination with Men's Accessories.

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