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Fertility bracelets from The Fertile Garden make great gifts for friends or family who are trying, or a perfect treat for yourself! Welcome to The Fertile Garden, where you can find custom, handcrafted fertility bracelets, fertility jewelry, pregnancy bracelets, inspiring artwork, and relaxation aids! Nourish your mind, body and soul with items from The Fertile Garden! I believe my bracelet helped me in my fertility journey. We now have two beautiful daughters!!

See a sampling of fertility bracelet SUCCESS stories in the text below! Become a fan on Facebook and receive a discount code for your ENTIRE order! ★ The ORIGINAL PCOS and condition-specific Fertility bracelets are from The Fertile Garden! ★ All artwork, text and jewelry designs are Copyright © 2011 The Fertile Garden. All International orders seem to be taking longer then usual. Please keep this in mind when ordering! :)

Home of the ORIGINAL Butterfly and Chakra Fertility Bracelets - high rate of success! There are imitators, but they are not as successful! The Fertile Garden, a place where hope helps things grow. All gemstones are high quality, charged and blessed for maximum fertility boost!

New fertility bracelet designs are added regularly. I am happy to change length, colors, clasps, stones or charms on any piece!

The Fertile Garden fertility jewelry line is designed with gemstones which have special metaphysical properties that are used to enhance fertility, positive thinking and sustain pregnancy. Enhance your fertility and wear close to your pulse points with the natural fertility energies of the gemstones.

To preserve the high quality of your bracelet, it is recommended that you do not sleep with your fertility bracelet on, instead keep it close by on your nightstand for good dreams! On occasion, I have to use a slightly larger or smaller gemstone then is pictured, due to supply availability.

*** Every order comes with an info card explaining the meanings of the stones used in the piece and and is beautifully gift wrapped in an organza bag, ready for gift giving! (box and ribbon are available at NO charge! Just ask! :) ***

Have a question about any piece or sold item? Simply click "contact TheFertileGarden" under Info section!

Wholesale orders are welcome! Please send us a message via etsy or to thefertilegarden [!at]

Check out our blog for fertility tips!

All orders ship via USPS First Class mail, and all US orders include a delivery confirmation, you will be sent the delivery confirmation number when shipped.

"My bracelets worked. Found I yesterday that I'm pregnant. My sister in law, that I bought a bracelet for, had her IVF transfer too. I saw 2 heartbeats today and SIL has a beta of 267. Those are some good bracelets. Could make for an interesting Spring. Thanks!!"

"After watching a reality show participant speak of finally getting pregnant after receiving a fertility bracelet from a family member, I decided to do some research on the matter. My search came back with a handful of companies providing such bracelets, but one that really stuck out and seemed the most heartfelt, was the Fertile Garden. I ordered a fertility bracelet with moonstone, amethyst and rose quartz crystals with butterfly accents and a turtle clasp and it was very affordable and came quickly. There was a handwritten note on a beautiful card, wishing me congratulations. That really stuck out, as you never see that with vendors today.
The bracelet was so beautiful and I put it one instantly. I had my IVF transfer the next day and even though they only transferred one egg, two weeks later, I was pregnant. By the way, I am over 40!
I rarely remove this bracelet... only to shower, but I feel down deep that this was made with magic and care and really did help me to get pregnant!"

"Perfect! Thank you! Your bracelet worked for me in October!"
Robin G. Oviedo, Fl."

"I bought this as a gift and now my cousin is pregnant! She is constantly getting compliments on it and I will definitely buy from Fertile Garden again!"

"I'm sorry it took so long to respond but I wanted to wait this long for a reason- I will be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I don't know if it was the necklace or the clomid/ovidrel shot combination or both but I am pregnant and that's all that matters! I have not taken it off since I got it and I am so thankful to have it! Thank you so much for being part of this amazing time in my life!"

"Hi there,
My friend recently bought me one of your bracelets, the butterfly one. My husband and I had been trying for about 6 months with no success, and she knew I was getting down about it. The beautiful bracelet arrived after I had ovulated, but about the time the egg probably would have implanted. And guess what? I'm happy to announce I am now pregnant! I truly believe that the caring, happy feeling I got from her sweet gesture created an egg-friendly womb. I plan to wear it every day throughout my pregnancy. I just wanted to say thank you, even though I don't know you, and let you know my happy story. :)"

"Not only did my friend love the bracelet, she found out she was pregnant just a few weeks after I bought it for her! Good luck indeed. :o)"

"I completely subscribe to the power of gemstones and crystals, especially after receiving this item. I bought this as a Christmas gift for a friend who had been struggling to conceive. The gift sat in the cute little box it came in for two weeks on my dining room table before I traveled to visit this friend for the holidays. It was during the holidays that not only did my friend successfully conceive (she found out a few weeks later), but I also found out I was three weeks pregnant! We had been trying to conceive as well but with low hopes due to my husband's fertility issues. I believe the presence and intentions of this item in my home definitely assisted us! As a final note, the item arrived very quickly, was made beautifully, and was customized to not include any spare charms. This seller is wonderful. Highly recommend!"

"I wanted to write to let you know that your bracelets bring blessings! To be honest, I was a skeptic. I bought the bracelets because I love crystals/gemstones and I figure, what the heck, I probably would have to wear it for a year or so. We were taking a break from fertility treatments and decided to just let it all go.

I bought 2 bracelets in the Fall last year, one for me, one for my good friend who is already pregnant but was really nervous due to all kinds of complications. By January, I was pregnant (100% natural, organic baby!) and my friend just delivered a healthy baby girl. I had no idea the bracelets are so potent! Thank you again and I will tell my friends about Fertile Garden. I have now given my bracelet to a dear friend who is going through fertility treatments, and will consider buying more as gifts.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do. I received my beautiful bracelet in the mail and wore it everyday. Well Im so excited to share with you that Im pregnant!! I sincerely believe that the bracelet I purchased from you helped with my success. I will recommend Fertile Garden to anyone TTC. Thank you!

"Hi! I bought this bracelet 2 months ago and I just found out I'm 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. I was just about to try clomid this month with IUI. I was not excited about taking I was thrilled to find out I was pg on my own after 15 months of trying! (We also did 2 iui's with no success) Thanks so much!

"Hello! I just had to come and share my excitement with you. I am now almost 14 weeks pregnant and have been wearing your fertility bracelet since February. I became pregnant the very next month and have had an easy pregnancy without any complications. I didn't even get the terrible morning sickness, lol!! We have seen our baby 3 times since becoming pregnant and heard the heart beat and he/she is doing perfectly. I am certain my fertility chakra bracelet aided in my conceiving and my fertility....and in keeping the pregnacy at last :)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I had already left you feedback and wish I could again so I could shout to the world that your product is a MIRACLE!!! I am forever grateful to you. Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Tessa Ann :)”

"The last bracelet I ordered worked, my sister just gave birth to little Aiden two weeks ago. Thank you so much! :)
I have referred several people to you because I love and believe in your jewelry! - Alexis"

"This is the second bracelet I have purchased from you :) The first helped one of my best friend conceive twins!"

"My friend that I bought this for got pregnant shortly after I gave this to her. She had been trying for 5 years doing artificial insemination and had 1 miscarriage. She decided to put it in Gods hands and with prayers, faith, and positive thinking she became pregnant and just reached her 12 week mark. This bracelet made her very happy when I gave it to her, thank you."

"Just wanted to share my wonderful news that I am expecting a new bundle of joy on May 30, 2012! I don't know if your bracelets and necklace helped in my journey to motherhood but I have not taken them off since. Thank you so very much :) -Andrea"

"LOVE it! I purchased this for a friend of mine and she is now 12 weeks pregnant!! Thank you for all your wonderful efforts, the bracelet was not only beautiful but the gift wrapping was so nice too! She is so happy!"

"I just have to say that my husband and I were trying for 3 mths or so ... I got the bracelet in the mail, that day my ovulation test came up positive. I recv'd the bracelet beginning of October, I found out I was pregnant yesterday, October 23rd. So I really feel this helped! Out of all the days I've been counting and trying to figure out the right day I was ovulating, I forget about it, I get the bracelet in the mail and I'm pregnant a few weeks later!!!! I truly believe the bracelet had alot to do with it!"

"...thanks again - i just found out last week that we're expecting :) :) :)"

"Hello! I ordered a fertility bracelet this summer after several months of trying to conceive. I just wanted you to know that I am currently surfing around etsy looking for baby booties for a photo announcing our pregnancy! We are only 8 weeks along and praying everyday but I definitely believe that bracelet has something to do with it. Thank you for making such a beautiful and inspiring product! - Jamie"

"We're almost 16 weeks along with a healthy baby! Thanks again for everything!"

"Just two months after purchasing the organic fertility bracelet, I found out I was expecting after several unsuccessful months! The bracelet is beautiful and very sturdy. I couldn't be more pleased with such an inspirational and beautiful piece of jewelry. And I definitely think it works!!!!"

"I think your jewelry is just beautiful! It works too...I purchased a fertility bracelet from you before and after wearing it everyday for a month, I became pregnant with my precious daughter. I had previously had three miscarriages in a row and I truly believe your necklace helped me! Hoping to try for one more child and I will be wearing one of these lovely necklaces everyday! "

Hello, I purchased several items from you over the summer. I wanted to share that I'm almost five months pregnant. We're having a boy, and he is growing healthy and perfect! Happy holidays, Bethany

Having my bracelet, St Gerard pendant, and fertility energy notecards gave me hope and peace that a healthy pregnancy was something that would happen for us. They gave me something positive to focus my attention on, rather than being stuck in a black hole of grief and fear. And I know they helped contribute to me feeling healthier and more optimistic, which is always good for Baby!!

"I just wanted to let you know that my friend whom I purchased this bracelet for gave birth on Christmas Day to a beautiful baby girl! "

"I ordered your beautiful bracelet in November and have worn it every day since receiving it. When sleeping I kept it on my nightstand for safe keeping and put it on the next day after taking a shower. Our fertility journey has not been the easiest one, but last Tuesday I found out that we are expecting!!"

"Love this necklace! Amazing seller to deal with! Thank you so much! AND it worked :)
I have recommended you to so many people!!! Your making such a difference in many peoples lives so thank you."

"i bought a piece of jewelry from you for my sister in-in-law two years ago (she was successful!)"

"Thank you so much. I have to say I your products are little miracle workers. I received the St.Gerard pendant from my sisters (in laws) in December and found out in January that we're expecting! Truly amazing. I will definitely share my story publicly and have been telling everyone I know about the fertile garden shop on etsy! :)"

"Hello! I just wanted to say that when I bought my bracelet, I was pretty skeptical, but gave it a try anyway...what do you know? Three weeks later, and I have a positive pregnancy test! So, thank you for your help! :)"

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I purchased one of your fertility bracelets back in January and after 2 years of trying I just found out last Friday that I am pregnant!!!! I will be 6 weeks tomorrow!!!!!!!! My husband and I could not be happier!!!!!!!! :)"

"I would really like to leave feedback on your shop about how great you were, and that we are PREGNANT after trying for a year, I am not sure how so at least this way you will know. we had gotten the goddess necklace as well as the tiger bracelet for my husband. Thank you so much our orther two kids are over the moon as well as us, thank you:) "

"A friend gave me one of your bracelets just after my IVF embryo transfer and I'm now 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant :) I only take it off when I take a shower.I want to pass on the good luck. Thanks! "

"Just wanted you to friends first cycle wearing the bracelet (that she loves by the way)....She is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First ever positive pregnancy test after 5 years of treatments :D"

"'s been a year and finally this past weekend i got two positive pregnancy tests!!!!!!...i am going for bloodwork today...i honestly believe the combination of my bracelet, necklace, meditation stone, and the smudging had everything to do with our second child's existance...this was my first cycle using the tools that i purchased through your etsy store and they WORKED...thank you sooo really are making such an impact on woman's lives across the's amazing...i will never forget you and what you have done for our family <3"

"I bought one of these a year ago, and I'm sitting here with my newborn twin boys! I am now buying one for my good friend who is going through fertility treatments. Thank you for your help!"

"I'm so excited to get my bracelet as a friend got one a few weeks ago and she got her first ever BFP after 5 years of trying."

"I ordered a bracelet from you for a friend a few months ago and she was able to conceive 2 months later!!! "

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know that my daughter is pregnant!! After 1 year, and spending over $10,000 with an Infertility Doctor, she went the holistic route. Gluten-free organic diet, acupuncture, massage therapy and YOUR jewelry!! Got pregnant is 3 months!! THANK YOU!!!"

"I forgot to write you back to let you know I conceived a month after getting my bracelet! We are expecting a perfect baby boy in july!! I really feel the bracelet helped! It usually takes us years to get pregnant! Thank you!!"

"I just wanted to let you know that 11 months ago I bought a necklace and bracelet from you and now I'm expecting our little girl in 3 weeks! I still wear the bird necklace everyday. Thank you!"

"I bought a fertility bracelet for my friend who had been ttc for a year. It was a Christmas gift. You said you would send her extra baby dust. She loved it!!!! Didn't wear it right away but started in January and wore it for a full month. She got her bfp right after valentines day!!! Due in November and couldn't be happier!!! She wanted me to get in touch with you and thank you from the bottom of her heart!!! Not only did she get a beautiful bracelet but it really worked!!!
Thank you so very much and keep up the good work! Thanks, Cheryl"

"Just wanted to let you know the bracelet/necklace worked....after 9 years of marriage and no pregnancies, I am now 13 wks pregnant and couldn't be more excited. Thanks for any part you played in this - so appreciative!!"

"This was beautifully done, and my friend loved it! And guess what, now she's pregnant!!!!"

"After TTC unsuccessfully for 10 months, I went to the doctor to start testing for infertility. One of the things he suggested was wearing a Kokopelli. I was pretty skeptical, but at this point I thought it couldn't hurt so I found this one that I LOVED and ordered it the next day 5/15/12. I just found out I'm pregnant with baby #2 last Friday 6/8/12. I still can't believe it! Who knows, it may have been the HSG, the soy isoflavones, the Kokopelli, or this may just be the little person that God had planned to be here all along. But I really think the necklace had something to do with it. If nothing else it was a reminder not to worry and to stay positive. Thank you so much!"

"I ordered a bracelet a while back and was going to wait to leave etsy feedback until we conceived but I goofed that! Even though I don't wear the bracelet it is still at my bedside. I believe your loving item helped us to conceive our little valentines baby. We are due November 2nd :-)"

"You made a fertility bracelet for my niece. Well.... drum roll.....she is expecting twins!"

"Thank you! My sister bought me one of these bracelets in January, I found out Feb 7th that I was pregnant! A friend of mine is going through similar troubles so I thought she might like one as well! :) "

"Just had to tell you that about 3 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant :)"

"I bought a bracelet for my best friend who had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. They were able to get pregnant after the first time with the bracelet. She is now eight weeks along. Thank you so much for the bracelet it made their dreams come true!!!"

"Hi there I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for my bracelets and my St. Gerard necklace. I wore them every day and said the prayer every single day. I am happy to let you know that our second IVF cycle (which I bought these items in preparation for) was successful. We are currently expecting a bundle of joy Feb. 19th 2013 and we couldn't be happier. Your bracelets truly do work! Thank you, Janine"

"I just wanted to send a note to say Thank you for my beautiful bracelet and necklace that I bought on the 17th June 2012. We recently did a pregnancy test and after a year of trying for a baby we have found out we are 4 weeks pregnant. It's early days but I've worn and will continue to wear my bracelet and necklace through my pregnancy. My husband and I are so happy. Your jewelry means so much to me and helps me to stay positive.
Thank you Laura xoxo"

"I bought two fertility bracelets from you around April-May area. One for me, one for my best friend. After wearing them only one cycle, we both got pregnant! We're both entering into our second trimester soon, and I really just wanted to say thank you for such a marvelous product. I'm definitely keeping mine for when it's time to expand the family once again.
Thank you, Keshia"

"I ordered the bracelet after suffering from a miscarriage and being unsuccessful in falling pregnant again. Within a few days of placing the order I ovulated and fell pregnant straight away. I don't know whether it was the positivity and hope I regained from wearing the bracelet or not but either way it was my lucky month! I'm now 11 weeks pregnant and still wear the bracelet. Kind touches added to the packaging would certainly recommend to anyone who has lost hope! Thank you :) "

"Found out I was 6 weeks pregnant August 30, 2011 and I just gave birth to our beautiful baby girl named Addison on April 21st, 2012!!!! =) "

"I just wanted to share my success story with others. I had been trying to conceive for 3 years, endured 2 miscarriages and undergone 7 IVF cycles when a friend mentioned to me the benefits of gemstones and their healing/fertility abilities. I found the Fertile Gardens website and immediately fell in love with their bracelets. I ordered one and it arrived a week later, i live in Australia and was amazed at how quick it turned up, i fell in love with the bracelet the moment i seen it. I was a few days from starting my 8th IVF cycle and put the bracelet on, i was naughty and only took it off to shower and go swimming but did sleep with it on, two weeks later we had our Transfer and then 10 days later i got the most amazing news that we were pregnant. I am now 33 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby and still wear my bracelet; i honestly believe it was this bracelet that helped us achieve our pregnancy after so much heartache. I have recommended two other friends to buy these bracelets and both have long histories of infertility and IVF and both are now pregnant as well. Thank you so much!!!!!"

"I got this bracelet when I was TTC- my now 9 mo daughter after 2 previous miscarriages."

"I don't know where I can put a review of what I bought. So I just want to tell you that I ordered the bracelets in December. I found out on 2/17/12 I was 4 weeks pregnant. Today I am 35 weeks pregnant w/ a baby boy. Thanks!!"

"I had to email you to let you know that 1 month after I gave a necklace to each of my 2 girls friends -- they became pregnant. They are both due in Feb 2013. They had been trying for over a year+ to get pregnant and even each had suffered a miscarriage. Its too much of a coincidence that your necklaces were given to them and they both became immediately pregnant. Thanks for your wonderful necklaces!"

"I had to share with you that the last bracelet I bought from you totally worked! I sent it to a friend and she was pregnant a month later (after 1.5 years of trying!) Thank you so much!!"

"I bought this necklace for a friend who was going through fertility issues... She absolutely loved it and the best part is, it worked!!!! After almost 3 years of trying to conceive and back and forth to the fertility clinic she is now pregnant WITH TWINS!!! Thank you so much for this beautiful necklace! "

I loved the bracelet so much and want to get one for my cousin who has been trying to conceive via IVF for sometime now. I wore mine during my IVF cycle and Im now 6months pregnant. The bracelet inspired me not to give up hope so just want to pass some Good Luck on to her!!!!"

"I'm not sure if you remember me, but I purchased a bracelet from you in 2011 and one for my friend after that. We both have very healthy babies and both got pregnant shortly after wearing your bracelets!"

" I bought one of these a few months ago for a friend who was struggling with pregnancy and she is now 3 months pregnant! Perhaps the bracelet worked :) Sending this one to a cousin who is also having a hard time."

"I just wanted to Thank You for this wonderful bracelet! I ordered it 3 weeks ago and just found out that I'm expecting ;))))) I still can't believe it! You're a part of this miracle and I just wanted to let you that. Have a great weekend."

"oh dear. i am just getting back to etsy now that my baby is no longer a newborn. can i still leave you feedback? the necklace was beautiful, and my doula loved it :)"

"Hi! I bought 2 bracelets from you in June and July for my husband and I. I'm pleased to let you know that we are now 7 months pregnant. I can't say it was all because of your bracelets, but they definitely gave us that extra boost of luck! Thank you once again :)"

"I just realized I didn't message you about having our healthy, beautiful baby girl Hadlynn (Haddie) on November 30th!...thank you so much again for everything...I truly believe your bracelet made her possible"

"Wanted to let you know I ordered my bracelet in September and got my BFP in the beginning of December.....Thank you!"

"I bought one for my friend, the chain with the butterfly on it ... and it worked for her. So thank you for that. She's so happy and loved her bracelet."

"Thank you so much for the bracelet. The friend I gave the bracelet to has been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years. I gave her the bracelet for Christmas. She is due in September!!!"

"I am so happy to share that after the heartbreak of a miscarriage and struggling for over a year to conceive I am pregnant the first cycle after receiving my bracelet! I shared the link to your etsy shop with a couple of trying to conceive forums that I am a part of and I know that many of the ladies have also ordered bracelets (so you've probably had a lot of Canadian orders lately!) and many of us have had success already. I am very happy with my bracelet, the customizations I requested are perfect. I will wear it every day until my baby is born and likely continue to wear it even after that. It brings me an amazing sense of positivity when I wear it that I share my experience with everyone I know who is trying to conceive. Thank you so much! I am so glad I found your site :)"

"I know this may seem a little delayed...But we just got back from our 19 week ultrasound. :) We're having a beautiful, healthy little girl. Thank-you so much for all the love and hard work you put into your pieces, it was greatly appreciated. I wore it every day that we were trying. Thanks again!"

"Hi! I and my sister in law are both now preggers!"

"I have ordered from you before and we were blessed with a healthy baby girl."

"Well I am 29 weeks pregnant with a girl. We are so excited."

"My friend that I ordered this bracelet for had twin boys the end of January!!! She wore the bracelet everyday and loved it!!! We both believed this bracelet gave her hope and helped her get pregnant!! Thank you!!"

"I'm back! One of my girlfriends I gifted this bracelet to just found out she's pregnant! I'm convinced :) I've got another friend who has been struggling as well so better order another... Thanks for your beautiful work!"

"Hi, This is my second bracelet, hoping for a second child! The first one worked, and I have a beautiful baby boy! Thank you!"

"Thank you!! Baby boy # 2 is due August 10. :)"

"I love your jewelry and I bought my necklace after a miscarriage, and now we have a beautiful baby girl! I am buying this necklace because we would like to try for another baby and I am petrified! Your bracelet helped so much for my daughter, so I baby new jewelry!!"

"Do you still make this bracelet it worked for my girlfriend and now my sister in law is in need of one! I love the design and colors on this one!"

"Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I'm pregnant and due next week! I wore my brackets throughout my IVF treatments. They gave me strength when I felt like everything was out of my control. Thanks so much"

"You've got a customer for life as long as your beautiful bracelets keep working! I'm 2 for 2 on gifts for friends who've struggled with infertility, hoping for #3. Thank you so much!!"

"Good evening! My friend purchased a rose quartz necklace for me from your shop, as my husband and I had been trying to conceive for several months. I received the gift in April and became pregnant in June :)))"

"Thank you! I became pregnant the month I purchased the first fertility bracelet! I am now 33 weeks on bed rest. I purchased this bracelet for protection and stress relief...hoping for positive results!"

"Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet. I received it very quick considering I live in the UK. As it turns out I am now 4 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy (2 MC's) hopefully third time lucky and I will continue to wear it for all the positivity and happiness it brings me. Thank you ever so much. The baby dust worked:) xxx"

"SHE'S PREGNANT!!!!!! She knows it was the bracelet!! She was trying for 2 years!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!"

"I wanted to tell you I ordered one of your necklaces for my sister who has been trying to have a baby for 3.5 years and 3 failed inseminations. She is due with her first baby on Sunday and has been wearing your necklace ever since I gave it to her. So THANK YOU so much!"

"For the rest of my life I will never be able to thank you enough! My dear friend lost her newborn son over 2 years ago and had a miscarriage shortly afterwards. She has been struggling to get pregnant again for 2 years and a month after she started wearing this bracelet I got her from you SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!"

"My friend got me a bracelet from your shop when I was going through IVF and I now have a 10 month old daughter. This is the second bracelet that I have purchased for friends.

" I have been looking for the perfect mother's necklace and I can't wait to get this...not sure if you remember me but my daughter (Haddie) just turned 9 months old! had helped us to get pregnant with her...without your gemstones I truly believe we won't have been blessed with our beautiful baby girl <3 Thanks! "

"I bought one of your bracelets and St. Gerard necklace early this year and am happy to share the news that a baby is due this coming December! I am glad to have purchased your products as they somehow helped keep the faith. More power to you and thanks again."

"I purchased a fertility bracelet from you (for myself) in 2011 and within three months, got pregnant and have a beautiful 15 month old daughter!"

"Thank you for the bracelet, it is beautiful and my sister loved it. She went through her IVF cycle 9 months later and is due this December with her first baby."

"First one worked, I am a mom to a 1 year boy. Hoping to expand my family."

"I wanted to mention by the way, that your bracelet I had purchased in July worked its magic: I am now pregnant :) "

"I wanted you to know I wear my bracelet daily and love it! I am 5w2d pregnant with confirmed rising beta numbers and a solidish number, too! I am praying and hoping for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Thank you for your help!"

"This beautiful bracelet helped me conceive my rainbow baby!!!"

"I purchased a necklace to wear during my wedding & figured it wouldn't hurt to see if it really did help out in fertility. Me & my now husband have been trying to conceive since the end of summer with no luck. The first day I wore my necklace was on my wedding day at the end of October & a month later I get the good news that we're finally pregnant!! I was losing hope but I really do believe the fertility necklace changed my luck around. Thank you ever so much!"

"Hi there. I ordered a bracelet from you for myself a few years ago and am ordering this one for a friend. As I went to order this, I realized that I never responded to you. You were so kind to rush a clasp to me in my pure panic as I wanted to be sure that I had my bracelet when we traveled to a clinic in Colorado (from Indiana) for our final IVF attempt. I am happy to report that we have a beautiful one year old little girl. After years of surgeries and failed IVF attempts, I am certain that a new clinic, natural supplements, acupuncture and of course your beautiful and healing bracelet made all the difference in the world for us!!!"

"I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful bracelet. I ordered mine in August of last year and found out I was pregnant 2 months later. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with a little girl due July 4. Thank you once again "

"Not only is this necklace pretty, but it works. We had tried for over 2 years, and were in the testing phase at a Fertility Specialist when I decided to order this jewelry. I was to begin IUI and was just waiting for my next period... which never came! I tested positive for pregnancy! Thank you so much for this amazing jewelry. Whether it was the necklace that turned our luck around or not, it certainly didn't hurt. (Ladies - google baking soda finger. I think it was BSF plus this necklace that did it for us. :-) "

"Thanks - btw - we conceived over Christmas ;)"

"Thank you for this bracelet. I bought it for my friend who was having fertility problems and two months after given it to her she became pregnant! She now has a beautiful baby girl :)"

"Hi, Hope you are doing good. I love the bracelet you send me and I have tell you I am almost 5 months pregnant. I wear it everyday and cant keep it off my wrist. Magic worked! Thank you. May god bless you for your good deeds and work. - Ash"

"This is my second purchase from you. I bought a fertility necklace from you for myself last year. I am now pregnant with my first and due in July!! I am buying this bracelet for my cousin, who has been trying to conceive for about a year and half."

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