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**SUGARFINA EXCLUSIVE: We're honored to announce that we've partnered with Sugarfina to bring some of our trademark chocolate to their Beverly Hills flagship store! Visit to plan your visit to their sweet shop!**

...Chocolate with a dash of whimsy!
We're now offering specialty flavors with the candies!

Email Office Hours: 6am - 3pm PST on Business Days
(we'll do our best to respond quickly to off-hour inquires!)

TheFrostedPetticoat's Shop Policies


All your questions shall be answered below...and if they're not, just send us a quick message!


Our shipping prices only apply to shipping in the U.S. (Alaska & Hawaii not included). Orders will be shipped once made and will not be held. If the delivery address you provided in checkout or through email communications is incorrect, then we are not responsible if your order is delivered to the wrong address. We ship Monday-Wednesday and will send you the tracking number once your package has been sent. Unless otherwise pre-arranged with the shop, all packages will be shipped Priority shipping with Don't forget, chocolate melts on warm porches so track your package carefully!

All chocolate lollipops and some free form designs are packaged in clear food-safe plastic bags & closed with a gold twist tie or sealed with our logo. Button chocolates and most bite size designs are packaged in white food safe gift boxes. All chocolates are meticulously shipped with ice packs (during warm weather) & tons of bubble wrap... nothing worse than getting a broken or melted chocolate!

We want to ensure that your chocolates arrive safe, so all orders are shipped in ice boxes with ice packs during warm weather (which is 99% of the time in our home town of Los Angeles). Further, we only ship priority delivery. Thus, shipping prices are solely based on cost of packaging & delivery rates... we do not profit off of this.

Please contact us before you purchase an item if you are interested in expedited shipping... there may be an additional cost depending on your location and how soon you need the order.

Refunds and Exchanges

We reserve the right to cancel your order if it is not paid-in-full within 1 day of the purchase. Standard orders will be ready to ship 7-10 business days after payment is made in full.

If you were not satisfied with your order, please contact us before you leave feedback. We will do whatever we can to reasonably remedy the problem.

We'll do everything within reason to remedy damaged products. Please note that we always send more chocolates than you ordered to try to ensure that you will receive a full order of undamaged chocolates (e.g. If you order 3 lollipops, we will send at least 4 lollipops so that if 1 lollipop is damaged in shipping, you still receive your full original order). As long as you receive your full order of chocolates in good condition, any additional free chocolates we send that arrive damaged will not be considered as part of your original order.

If there is a problem with your order, please contact us immediately to remedy the situation. We will do everything within reason to replace damaged chocolates or arrange an alternative solution. If the order arrives during the designated processing time, are undamaged, match the listing description, and fall in line with our shop policies, then there will be no replacements or refunds for the product.

EMERGENCIES & DISASTERS: In the event of an unexpected emergency or natural disaster that affects our facilities and/or staff, we reserve the right to cancel pending orders and refund the customer's money in full. This will only occur in dire situations where the circumstances prevent staff from fulfilling orders. Customers will be notified ahead of time if their orders are going to be cancelled and refunded.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Mon-Fri, 6am - 3pm PST (we'll do our best to respond quickly to off-hour inquires!)

Although we plan to expand our repertoire in 2014 with a line of gourmet chocolates, currently all of our designs are made from Merckens Chocolate Candy Melts - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and assorted rainbow chocolate candy melts. The ingredients of the different types are listed below...

Please Note: Cocoa Butter is added to all colored chocolate.

*Merckens Rainbow Cocoa Lite*
Ingredients: Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Cocoa, Dry Whole Milk, Glycerly-Lacto Esters of Fatty Acids, Lecithin (an emulsifier), and Salt.

*Merckens Rainbow Cocoa Dark*
Ingredients: Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Dry Whole Milk, Glyceryl-Lacto Esters of Fatty Acids, Lecithin (an emulsifier), and Salt.

*Merckens Rainbow- Dark Green, Lite Green, Orange, Peach, & Yellow*
Ingredients: Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Cocao Butter, Dry Whole Milk, Glycerly-Lacto Esters of Fatty Acids, Lecithin (an emulsifier), Salt, Vanillin (an artificial flavor), and Artificial Color (includes FD&C Yellow No. 5 (Tartrazine)).

*Merckens Rainbow- Pink, Blue, Orchid, Purple, & Red*
Ingredients: Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Non Fat Dry Milk, Cocoa Butter, Dry Whole Milk,Glycerly-Lacto Esters of Fatty Acids, Lecithin (an emulsifier), Salt, Vanillin (an artificial flavor), and Artificial Color.

Please check the list of ingredients above. Our chocolates are not made in an allergy-free zone. Therefore if you suffer from nut, soy, milk, or other food allergies, you should not eat our products. Please contact us for more information regarding food allergies.

If not indicated upon checkout, we will choose the type of chocolate used for brown chocolate designs. The chocolate used for designs made out of vanilla flavored chocolate cannot be changed.

All chocolates are made fresh once the order is paid-in-full. We do not hold orders, so once it is made your order will be shipped.

Every chocolate is individually painted by hand with the utmost care. Therefore, no two chocolates are identical and may slightly vary from those pictured.

We can pretty much do any color or design in chocolate. Want a custom logo candy for your wedding or event, we can do that too! Creating a custom listing to purchase is subject to a $2.00 setup fee. Contact us to find out more.

If you are ordering our chocolates as gifts or favors for a wedding or special event, we recommend that you first order a sample size of the product to ensure your satisfaction. There are no refunds or replacements if you use the chocolates at the event and then later decide you were not satisfied with them.

All photos & designs are owned by The Frosted Petticoat. Do not use or copy without permission. All items are prepared in compliance with California State Health Department Regulations at a non-profit kitchen.

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