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Welcome to The Funky Silkworm! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Busy, busy, busy! Yes, these days I am BUSY! ... and running behind... I think that is just how life is going to be for awhile! ;-) On the good side, I am slowly checking things off my "to do" list and are finally getting to some things I really have needed to get to! So, tomorrow, look for some more discharged dyed items to pop up! I am going to work on getting them photographed and posted! They have been hanging up and waiting so patiently for me to get to them so I am going to! ;-)

I have started working on some more discharge dyed designs that I hope to get turned into fabric sometime this next week or weekend! If nice weather takes hold, it will make this process so much easier and faster! Look for the usual designs and then a few new ones! They should be fun! Remember that if there is an item you would like fringe on, I will be happy to add it for an extra few bucks! Message me and I will fill you in on the pricing for that!

Over the holiday season, I decided to participate in a trip to Rwanda to help out at an orphanage there! ;-) It's a very long story but the short version is that I was going to sponsor a child so that they would have food to eat and get to go to school and my friend that is heading this up asked if I would go and help instead of sponsoring! After much thought and prayer, I said, "YES!" I am going to help get a preschool program going in an orphanage and help with whatever else they need me to do while I am there! ( All those years of teaching are going to go to some good use!!!!! ;-) So, I am running behind on about everything as I am tutoring more to help make money for the trip! Just so you know, all of the items you purchase will go towards my going and if there is any extra left over, it will go towards buying things for the preschool.... right now, we pretty much have an empty room with clay walls and a table!!!! ( Yes, I think we can do sooooo much better then that! ;-) IF you are interested in helping or want to sponsor a child, you can go to Imana Kids: An Orphan Ministry and see what our needs are! It is a pretty cool group of people doing amazing, amazing things! I think they are going to start an Etsy store with cool items made by women in Rwanda trying to earn a decent living! ( I bought a few baskets from them and are in LOVE with them!) Right now, besides needing sponsors for some of the kids, we are trying to raise money for uniforms. There is a lady or two in the village of this orphanage that can make the uniforms for $5.88 each ( I know, that is amazing... fabric and all!) Last count, I believe we had about 44 kids that needed uniforms... it would be nice to have more than one for each child be we are starting with one. So, if you can help, we sure can use you! ;-)

My husband has been bitten by the Tye Dye bug!!!!!! We've been talking about it and sometime we think he will open his own shop on Etsy! I will keep you posted as it turns into a reality! IF this proves too much for him, I will post his shirts on my site.... I am also going to do some dying of my excited for some nice weather to come our way so we can get outside and get busy creating some cool fabric and clothing! ;-)

I found a great 1950's Audubon book with smaller prints! OH, MY GOODNESS! It is sooo fun! If you find an Audubon print that you like but you can't find a smaller version that works for you, let me know... I will check my stash! ;-) Some of the prints in this book are a little blurry ... I won't be selling those....but most of them are great! I will get them posted soon! ( I only found one other shop that is selling these smaller prints and I KNOW my price will be better! ;-) Since I found this vintage book for a good price, I feel I should pass that good price on to you! ;-) Hopefully, as I post my backlog of discharge dyed runners, scarves and fabric I will find time to take some photos and post these little cuties, too!

My father has a new book out that I have posted! Look for it in my shop! He would be happy to autograph it for you!

School has been keeping me busy with tutoring but after the winter break, I get to work more with first graders and will keep a few of my 3rd/4th graders! Since life at school revolves around the "All Mighty Test," it was fun to see how well my 3rd graders did on their practice test! Some jumped up 2 levels!!!!!!!!!!! They are doing so well, they don't even need me! ;-) I am now tutoring all day and after school two days a week to help earn my trip money! ;-)

My great-niece, Avery, is growing up, too! Her flair for drama keeps a smile on my face as she is acting out her favorite movies!!!!!! She is turning 3 soon and that just blows me away! I am helping to take care of her while her parents work and she is talking my head off and cracking me up! In October, we added another sweetie to our family! Avery's new little sister, Mila has been born! .... Her mom has gone back to work teaching so I will have them both to watch 3 days a week! ( You will please understand when my postings and creative work slows down.... I am afraid an almost 3 year old and now, 5 month old are doing a great job of wearing me out! ;-)

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to convo me! Thanks so much and have a great time shopping!

The Funky Silkworm

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