TheGardenOfSasha's Shop Announcement

We have never been so inspired as when we moved into an old farmers cottage that became affectionately known as "Hobbit Home" back in 2010.
We settled quickly and began by taming the garden that had been left to it's own devices for a few years whilst the place had been empty. The array of plants cultivated and wild renewed my interest in plants, gardening and nature as a whole.
The interior with it's log burning stove, open fire place and quaintness rekindled my love of things from ago that would have probably been here in "Hobbit Home" at some time or another in history.
Growing our own veg, making chutneys and jams brought out our creative side and it wasn't long before we were enjoying sewing and embroidery as we had when we were young girls who spent every Sunday morning at our Grandmothers being taught these skills.
You may think that all in the garden was rosey, and it was, until in summer last year when we lost our beloved dog Sasha through injury.
The house has not lost its charm for us, but the departure of Sasha has left a hole in our house and hearts.
As a tribute to a much loved dog and a new found interest in objects from the past, crafts and creativity we decided to start our Etsy shop called "Sasha's Garden" to share our ideas, thoughts and lifestyle with you.
Thanks for taking the time to visit our store and we hope it inspires you too.