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Shop Updated!.. AND.. a modest PROMOTION: for each order, independent of the quantity of items you buy, you will receive one handmade coupon to win a raffle. The prize will be a pair of earrings of my store. The draw will be conducted on April, 30 and the result will be posted in my blog. I will give you many options of earrings to choose to make sure you will be happy and satisfied for being the winner.
*Why just one ticket per order and not one ticket per item? Because I want all my clients, independent of the money that each one has to spend here, have the same right and chance to win. All of you are important to me, from the one who can afford many items all at once, passing through the ones who buy one or two pairs until the other one who can just afford the cheapest item of my sale section.

Thank you for understanding.
Thank you for participating.
Thank you for supporting artisans!

Thanks for all my dear clients who have giving me a support to keep going in this artistic path, thanks for all the convos that I receive from you appreciating my work,all the feedback of recognition that feeding me with energy to work and bring beauty in form of jewelry.
I will do my best to have new items added weekly here in my shop. So, stop by if you are around this virtual, surreal and soo real Etsy area and visit my little corner for good news.
I truly believe that we saw love and love is what we harvest, for free choice.
Thanks for enjoying yourself and share this delight with me.I work for you, my hands are tireless and they emanate this energy of renovation that in many moments, just an unusual jewelry can bring to you. A new jewelry, more than a product of luxury, but a possibility of enjoying the life. YOUR life!
Emerge from the ashes, here with me.

I wish you all the best.

A dear client opened a shop and I want to support this initiative. She is making cute Bohemian jewelry.. take a look, I am sure you will find something special for you there!

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I have only two hands and the feeling of the world. "

Welcome to Tribalis - Handmade Jewelry.
I am a person IN LOVE for Art, especially Jewelry, Music and Painting.
My work visits these instances: *Rustic *Recycled *Tribal *Gipsy *Organic *Assemblage & *Boho.

Hope you will find beauty here.


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