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I specialize mostly in Facial Skin Care, but also make many other products. I've been making natural body products for over 10 years, and I've had this shop for over 5 years. I am educated in Aromatherapy and Herbalism.
If you live locally (I recently moved from Madison, WI to Appleton, WI) Message me before you check out, and I can give you a coupon code for free shipping if you rather pick up. Note that I may have to make your products fresh, so there may be a bit of a wait.
Just a note....if you order with e-check, it is my policy not to ship until the e-check has cleared. This takes 3-5 business days. So please keep that in mind when you want an order by a certain time.
Also note...I work from home while caring for my 2 kids, one of them a baby. So I don't always ship out as fast as I used to. If you need an order by a certain time, please just let me know.
Many of my products are pre-made, but sometimes products sell faster than I make them fresh (I like to try to renew items often) So some orders may ship faster than others. TUES & THURS are my shipping days. I keep "business hours", so I only work Weekdays. I like to keep Weekends for Family time, and for creating new products. If you happen to need your order by a certain date, please message me. It's only me making my products, so sometimes I get a bit backed up.
Feel free to ask for help on choosing a product that best suites your needs, about international shipping, or any other curiosity that strikes you!

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Packaging: For the New Year, I am trying to package more responsibly. I've always recycled the packing beans that are in the packages of ingredients I order for the shop, but I now sell at much higher volumes, that I started to order packing beans. But I thought that was silly. So I started to do something a bit strange, but much better. I air pop popcorn for packaging material. It's great for me because I don't have to store mass amounts of packing beans. AND it's so much better for the environment. You can compost the popcorn, or toss it - it's biodegradable!

I am asked often by customers about essential oils and Pregnancy.
I recommend that you research essential oils and pregnancy yourself and decide what's best for you. It's your body and your pregnancy. There are many schools of though on the subject, so it's best to just read as much as you can. I like this website -
If you have more questions, don't be afraid to ask. I work with essential oils daily, and I just had a baby myself.

*INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING* If you are outside the US & Canada, Please message me about what products you would like to buy. I will then weigh those items and get back to you on a Shipping Estimate. If you ok, I will then list a listing of the items you want, with the correct shipping for your country.

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