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Welcome to Wicked Scentuals!! An Innovative & Unique Bath & Beauty Company. :0)

3/31/2014 - **IMPORTANT** Maine Customers** I am now required to collect Maine State Sales Tax on your purchases...I'm sorry, but it's the law. Your purchases will now automatically have 5.5% sales tax added in. Thanks So Much for your understanding. :0)

On The Curing Rack Right now...

~Fresh Batch of "Detox" Soap
~2 Mini Loaves of "Detox" Soap
~NEW! - "Pink Vanilla" Hot Process Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Pink Vanilla" Hot Process Soap
~Fresh Batch of "Coco-Lotion" Hot Process Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Coco-Lotion" Hot Process Soap
~NEW! - "Phoenix" Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Phoenix" Soap
~NEW! - "Risque" Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Risque" Soap
~Fresh Batch of "Purple People Eater" Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Purple People Eater" Soap
~Fresh Batch (and revamped scent) of "Temptress" Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Temptress" Soap *** SOLD ***
~NEW! - "Summer Love" Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Summer Love" Soap
~NEW! - "Girls Night Out" Soap
~1 Mini Loaf of "Girls Night Out" Soap

*Curing Soaps can be Reserved on request.
*Uncured Soaps may also be Pre-Ordered (10% discount).

Thank You for taking the time to stop by my "Online Spa"! I hope you find something you can't live without in my store, but if you don't, please check back in sometime, as I will keep adding items.

Here you can get daily updates about orders, what is in-the-making and be the first to know when new items are listed. I also do a "Lather Me Up" Giveaway for each new 100 subscribers!

Just a bit about my products... I use as many Organic, Sustainably Harvested and Earth Friendly ingredients and materials as I can find. I buy many of my ingredients and materials locally to support my local, small businesses.
Most of my Soaps are made using the age old Cold Process Method. I have two Basic Recipes that I use and then several specialized recipes for specific types of skin. My two basic recipes are:

~My Olive Oil and Coconut Milk based recipe, which is the recipe you will see used with my fun fragrance oil recipes. This recipe, like most all of my others, is a Castile Soap...meaning that Olive Oil makes up at least 50% of the oils used in this recipe. I add Coconut Milk and Luscious Cocoa and Shea Butters, along with skin-loving Jojoba Oil. Together, these produce a thick, creamy, moisturizing lather. In these soaps, you will find ONLY Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils and Micas and Oxides for fun colors.

~My recipe for my All Natural Round Soaps is similar to the is also Castile...containing at least 50% Olive Oil in the recipe. Most of them also contain Cocoa and Shea Butters and Jojoba Oil as well. The difference with these soaps is that most of them are made from Teas, Beers, Milks, and other types of herbs, spices and other good things for your skin. Most all of these are also either unscented, scented only with essential oils or, on rare occasion, just a touch of Phthalate-Free fragrance. You will also notice that there is either no coloring in these or only natural color from clays, spices, herbs, spirulina, cocoa or other All Natural Ingredients.

I also have a few soaps that have their own specific recipe, targeted to a specific skin type or problem, such as my 100% Olive Oil Castile Soap, Homesteader's Soap, Shave Soap, Detox Soap, Blemish Prone Skin Soap and Mature Skin Soap, to name a few. Some of these are French-Milled (Hand-Milled) Soaps, usually made from my 100% Olive Oil Castile Soap.
**Note that I also do just a few Glycerine Soaps for fun. These are clearly listed as Glycerine Soaps. These are a good way to have a scent that may not work in Cold Process Soaps and these soaps can be made and shipped the next day on request. The scents also tend to be stronger and a bit "truer" in these soaps. I Love all types of soap and am very open-minded when it comes to Glycerine Soap (melt-n-pour). **

My soaps are all cut the Old Fashion at a time, with either my huge knife, straight soap cutter or crinkle cutter. What you will not see in my soaps is a perfect cut or exact same bars. What you will see is a rustic, unique bar of soap that is imperfect and organic...Truly Handmade...from start to finish! :0)

About some of my ingredients:

My Palm Oil is purchased locally and is Organic & Sustainably Harvested!!
My Jojoba Oil is also purchased locally and is Pure Golden Organic Jojoba Oil.
My Cocoa Butter is not able to be purchased locally, but it is Organic Cocoa Butter.
My Olive Oil is Organically produced and actually comes from relatives from Italy. I am very lucky to obtain this Pure Olive Oil in 55 Gallon Drums, direct from Italy!!
I also choose to use Tapioca Starch and/or Arrowroot Powder in place of Corn Starch in my Bath Bombs, Salts and Bubble Bars. This is just a personal preferance. These do the same job as Corn Starch. I also purchase my Tapioca Starch at my local Organic Co-op Store.

******** Our soaps are Olive Oil based....some being made of at least 50% Pure Olive Oil. They have been right from day one of my first soap being 100% Olive Oil. Right then, I knew that was going to be the type of soap I was going to build my name around.
I list my ingredients as FDA required, in descending order, with the most used ingredient being listed first and others being listed in the order of how much they are used in my product. Although this is a requirement when selling bath & beauty products, it is unfortunately not regulated yet. We, however, choose to follow this rule of truth in labeling.******

What you can expect from my soaps is a nice, creamy, moisturizing lather and ingredients that are good for your skin and our environment. You will receive natural, consistent packaging that has a somewhat old-fashion, rustic appearance.
Most of my bars of soap weigh 4-5 oz. cut and sized to fit nicely in the hand. I feel my soaps are priced reasonably considering the quality of the ingredients I use. I hope you will agree! :0)

Part of my mission in being Earth Friendly is being mindful of my packaging. I am working very hard to make all of my packaging Green, by using Recycled/Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials. Here are some examples of what I am currently doing to achieve this:

~I shred all my junk mail and unimportant papers that come into my house and use it for packing materials in shipments.
~I recycle every box, bubble wrap, shipping peanuts or other shipping materials that I recieve in my materials shipments and use them again to ship items to you.
~I now use Eco-Friendly Product Labels and Shipping Labels. These Labels are made from Recycled Materials, are made of water based 100% Recyclabe Adhesive and are Processed Chlorine Free! YAY!!
~My White Tissue Paper is now made from 100% Sugar Cane Fibers, and is completely Recyclable, Compostable and Biodegradable.

Now, I do still try to dress my packages up somewhat and, on occasion, may include printed tissue paper or ribbon (usually around the holidays I like to dress my packages up). If you are giving my products as a gift, just let me know if you would like a little fancier packaging in the shipping and I will be glad to do so.

My mission is to produce a quality product that is Naturally good for your body while leaving as little impact on our Beautiful Earth as possible. I hope you will help by doing your part as well. Together we can all make a difference!! :0)

Please feel free to convo me with any requests. I love creating and experimenting! All of my creations are tested on humans...myself and my family & friends. If it doesn't get a "thumbs up", it doesn't sell!

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I also have a YouTube Channel where you can see me making and cutting my soaps and other new products!!

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