WoodenThingsAndMe's Shop Announcement

Happy Healthy New Year to All, both new and faithful customers ;) < and that means You Wendy W! your warm-hearted note caught us in the middle of dastardly colds! > Thank you for your Extreme Patience for our near month closure... It was a good thing we did as there was literally No Time to be paying attention to the shop in a half-decently responsible manner! Hope you all had a good holiday time, and are bouncing back into the swing of things as we are hoping to!!!
Old things and New things will be presenting themselves over the next days/weeks as the wood elves keep on playing in the saw dust Ha!
and so....................................................

Welcome To WoodenThingsAndMe, a place where I can show you around my growing collection of lathed and handworked wood bits.

Come as you are, no need to worry about tracking the sawdust from one room to the other here! Bowls, vessels, jewelry, spinners... so many Ideas spinning!

Pour ceux qui parle francais, vous avez seulement que me laisser savoir pour explication en francais sur mes produits....merci pour avoire visiter.

My door is always open...
Drop by frequently, I try to put something new up every day or so.
and when you do see something you think you might like, click again to enlarge the image for greater detail.

As well, a little bit of wood-burning has crept onto a few of the pieces. That's my wife Connie's department, as well as the 'line designs' as she calls them, and splashes of colour you see here and there. Connie has always been 'quietly' (some beg to differ!) beside me on this adventure with the photos and the words etc..... I'm quite okay with all that... And that she has no inclination to come near my Lathe! Ha!

I'm still doing the Twitter-Thing... and try to remember to use it!!!
It's under ~ WoodenThingsAnd ~ on Twitter; guess I had too many letters to include full title! I am getting the hang of Facebook lately as well...
Need something special for whatever occasion....Cool lets talk... You always get to see it before you buy...Satisfaction is a must at Woodenthingsandme.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.