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Handmade Gifts with a Sci Fi,Fantasy,or Celtic Flair! - my customers say... "awesome quality", "excellent craftsmanship! ", "Best service ever", "very accommodating", "truly A+ work!", "great communication"


Q: Can I get a different image on your stuff?
A: You sure can. Just attach the picture in a convo or email it to me at worldleathercraft [!at]

Q: How much does a different picture cost?
A: If it is something with quite a bit of detail it can cost up to $15 more per image. If it is a pretty simple image like a symbol, it is free of charge.

Q: What is the difference between the soft lined wallet and the veg tan lined wallet?
A: The soft lined wallet is made of pigskin which has a more cloth like feel. It can hold up to 12 cards and has 2 compartments for cash. It takes more time to make this type of lining than the veg tanned one so it costs a bit more. The veg tan lined wallet's interior is cowhide which is stiffer. It holds 4 - 8 credit cards (8 will be a squeeze until the leather stratches) and does not have the extra divider in the cash pocket and costs less.

Q: Do you do monogramming and how much is it?
A: Yes I sure do. Cost is determined by the number of letters. If it is just initials, or a short message (10 letters) it's free. Longer messages will be an extra $5.

If you would like to see my works in progress go to my FB page at and please, "like" my page while you are there. :)

I make custom crafted, unique leather items that are hand stamped or carved. All hand stitched! Each item is an original. I make a wide variety of items so you never know what you will find here. I can say that with confidence since i never know what I am going to be inspired to create. Each item has an original design. I make things just for the fun of creating. The items I make take hours of work but it is part of my zen experience. I pop in an audiobook to listen to and start working. Sometimes I am very pleased with the result (those are the ones you will find here!) and sometimes I have to tell myself it’s all part of the learning experience (those are the ones I give away to friends and family!) Just know that as I work, I am being supervised by several cats (Hiro, Mimi, and Buddy-thankfully, not all at the same time) , who somehow manage to sleep on my work table as I pound and carve.

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My "Live Long and Prosper" laptop bag was featured on this site!

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