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The price of my menswear will be going up, I am not sure by how much, but the quality will be going up along with the price. I started out using a knit tape, kind of like a thin shoelace, and one or two strands of kid mohair. Every time I changed colors I had to tie 2 or 3 knots. I have started to use thinner and thinner yarns in my cafe wraps, its like knitting with 16 threads, because I can come up with more interesting colors that way. The result is that instead of 3 knots, I now am tying 10-15 every time I change colors. It takes a bit longer as you can imagine.

I don't want to limit my creativity, and this is my only source of income, so I need to earn x per days work. Instead of getting cheaper and boring, I decided to get more interesting and artistic. Using so many strands together at times one or two double back and make loops. I cut these and leave them along with all the ends of the knotted color changes. I like that it looks like the edges of a lawn where random stray long grasses miss the mower. It also reminds me of a friend telling me of the morning her husband discovered a rogue eyebrow, so funny and unjust if your hairline is receding:)

A friend will soon be purchasing a knitting machine, and I have the option of giving her work where wraps or sweaters are more or less a solid color (a blend composed of 10-15 thin strands). These will be a lower price point since they will not take so long to knit, but I am not convinced that there is a market for something like that from me. Your thoughts on this are welcome.

You may have noticed that I am knitting the larger cafe size wraps for summer because it is just so much more interesting to do that than to knit the smaller infinity wrap size with thicker yarn and less strands that I did last year. Plus they are long enough to double wrap as a cowl.
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Bespoke and ready to wear sweaters for women and men, wraps, shrugs, tunics, all lovingly knit on a hand loom by Inese, blending and creating new colors by using 3 to 20 different yarns together. I hand crochet all the seams and use two tiny chic beads to add my signature Inese label. I LOVE making things and this shop is a home for all my creations. These are my sketches: knit for you to stay warm inside and out. Each wrap, shrug, sweater is as unique as the individual who possesses it. Wrapture is the perfect gift for giving and receiving.
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Thanks Catherine Bayar of bazaarbayar for telling my story
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Everything in my shop is hand loomed, knit on hooks, not needles, by me. I crochet all the seams, sew in all the labels, take all the photos, not to mention that I'm in most of the photos too. This is why each sleeve, front and back are all different. Its more fun for me to let my creativity run loose, and to see what happens.

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100% of my yarns are picked from the "RECYCLE" bins. They are factory cast offs that are anything a bit off standard color, a wee bit thicker, thinner, slubby, nubby. Basically all the yarn that has too much character to be sold to the generic masses and that is why WE LOVE IT!

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