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Aromaholic features soaps, lip balms, candles and other body products scented and flavored like classic cocktails, liquors and craft beers; our intoxicating products have been delighting the senses of many since 2010 . We also make various pop-culture soaps and lip balms inspired by our favorite shows, books, and movies.

We believe that 'fun' and 'natural' don't have to be mutually exclusive, and that is reflected in our diverse assortment of products. With eight years experience crafting handmade soaps, lip balms, and truly original scent and flavor blends, our products are inspired, both literally and figuratively. Here are some highlights about our delightful concoctions:

*COCKTAIL-THEMED PRODUCTS. Not only is it fun, but this gives you a general idea of what the soap or lip balm will smell/taste like, without us having to try to describe the aromas of ylang-ylang or vetiver or may chang. 'Inspired by' means that each blend is complex and not a totally literal interpretation, so that the soap is aromatically pleasing as well as reminiscent of a mojito or a Bloody Mary. We like to get creative with our soaps and lip balms, so though they may not be *exact* replicas of craft beers and whiskey or gin drinks, we hope you'll agree that they smell and taste wonderful!

*TRULY UNIQUE and INSPIRED SCENTS and FLAVORS. We do not use artificial fragrance oils to scent our soaps. We find that (besides our concept) this really makes our soaps stand out from the pack--natural, essential-oil based aromatic blends simply smell different, and have a richness and depth that is difficult to find in many fragrance oils. Despite the additional expense of using natural essential oils, we definitely don't skimp on the scent - our soaps have potent, long-lasting aromas. Our lip balms all have actual flavor to them, and just the right amount to represent their namesake drinks--we flavor lightly, as using too much essential or flavor oils in a lip balm can have the reverse effect of drying out lips! For the purposes of some lip balm flavors, and the occasional "pink drink" that requires a fruity scent not found in the essential oil realm, we use natural organic flavor oils.

*QUALITY and GREEN INGREDIENTS. Though our products are novel, they aren't cheap novelties--we pride ourselves on using ingredients of excellent quality. The number one ingredient in our handmade lip balm base is cocoa butter, along with other nourishing oils like avocado or sweet almond, and a decent chunk of protective beeswax.
Our cold-process soap contains soap (meaning vegetable oils mixed with lye and water), essential oils, and mineral pigments for color. That's it. None actually contain alcohol (it is boiled out of the beer and wine soaps), and most are vegan, with the exception of our organic cream soaps.

Some of our unique scents come from the use of unrefined oils like African palm kernel oil (purchased from the fair-trade supplier Agbanga Karite). Our palm oil is from Daabon, a sustainable cooperative in Colombia; our beeswax is sourced from a local beekeeper, and we only use organic milk in our cream-based soaps. We like to use Michigan beers in our craft beer soaps.

*SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. One big complaint we hear about handmade soap is that it tends to get mushy and break up after a few uses. Not here! We formulate our soaps to be awesome cleansers with a rich fluffy lather - these bars stay hard til the end, even in wet showery conditions. The natural beeswax and cocoa butter in the lip balms are fantastic protectants and emollients, and though we can't guarantee they'll hold up to all hot conditions, we also formulate these to be harder than the average balm.

So whether you need a gift for an eco-conscious bachelorette, a whiskey connosieur, someone that likes fun quality handmade goods, or an aromaholic needing a fix, we’ve got you covered.

a fun haiku:
a pub in your tub
happy hour in the shower
a drink in your sink

All Aromaholic soaps are made using the cold-process method (in other words, from scratch). We use essential oils to scent our soaps, as they come from plants, booze comes from plants...thus, liquor-scented soap was born. Oh, the circle of life.

Though Aromaholic focuses on the delicious scents, essential oils have lots of other uses, like being antibacterial or antidepressant or balancing the skin. It's wise to exercise extra caution when using some essential oils in certain situations, such as pregnancy or epilepsy. Though the concentration and types of oils we use are considered safe, and the amount absorbed into the skin with an application such as soap is small, please don't hesitate to contact us if you are curious about specific ingredients.

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