astrums' Shop Announcement

I have been in retail for the last 25 years and have been an avid collector of vintage clothing, handbags and vintage accessories for the home. Vintage lighting is a passion of mine. I also was manufacturing jewelry and the stock listed is represenative of that line that was launched in 2005 under the brand Sloanedesigns. I have boxes of stock that I haven't listed yet, so check back often and see what's new!
Please read each item description and email if you need clarification or have further questions. I want you to be thrilled with your purchase!

More about ASTRUMS and Heather:

ASTRUMS’ FINE FASHION JEWELRY will become heirloom pieces in the years to come. These pieces were made when gold was low so they represent a terrific VALUE! Each piece of new jewelry is handcrafted in the USA using a combination of gems, semi-precious stones, 18kt, 14kt gold and sterling silver. Most new jewelry is signed with a "SLOANE" flower tag, from my former company Sloane Designs. You can see all the terrific press on the web site
All of the pieces in the current jewelry collections are one of a if you see something you like, buy it!
Astrums uses gemstones of the highest quality. In general quality is determined by the color (some colors are more rare than others), the clarity of the stones, the more uniform, the more cuts/facets. Where gemstones are used, read the description for references to type & color.

VINTAGE JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES are not always perfect. However, they make up in charm & pedigree for a nick or scratch. Please read item description for details.

I only sell nearly new vintage with no obvious outside signs of wear. Sometimes there is a mark or stain on the inside and that should be expected of vintage. Occassionally an item is near perfect or unused and will be noted in the description. Handbags are odor free. I don't sell ANY handbag on Etsy that I wouldn't own myself!

Depending on the age, vintage handbags need to be used with tender loving care. Expect that these will need a small amount of re-gluing or sewing with use. Skins need to be re-conditioned every so often. Protect from dust, sunlight, extreme temperatures and dampness.

For quality gemstones and supplies and craft BOOKS, check out my other shop: