atomicgrandma's Shop Announcement

Sock monkeys will come & go in my etsy listings as we come & go to our fairs. Feel free to message me with any questions about their availability.

In my shop you'll find quirky sock monkey dolls and roadside, scenic sock monkey greeting cards with original photos taken in awesome and everyday places. I also sometimes list calendars, and a book with my sock monkey photo collection.
Most of my photos are taken while doing "guerrilla" type photography on the road. :(])
My monkeys have red butts, which is what traditional sock monkeys have when they are hand crafted from the red heel type work socks that have been around for decades.
Don't be fooled by the big store chains like Walmart who sell fake, machine made "sock" monkeys. Fake sock monkeys are Not made from socks and don't have a red butt like my handmade ones.
New Facebook page:

"Sock Monkeys, Not Just for Kids Anymore" :(])