bashabeads' Shop Announcement

I added a new section to my Etsy store...A Weekly Special (not necessatily every week.)
I discovered with my Ophan beads that there are many of you who would like some lower priced items. The prices of my beads are based on the time put into, the difficulty to make and the beauty of the bead. My Weekly Special beads are usually easier to make and thus are lower priced. They are, however, still beautiful, as I would never present anything that does not appeal to me. This week I'm showcasing my Ancient Glass beads which are on the higher end of my beads, so the discounted prices are still a bit higher than other beads.

In that same vein, I will be raising the prices on some of my very difficult beads (Pasha and Ocean Sunset for instance.)

If there are Orphan Beads available, they too are usually lower priced, because they are the beads left over from a run. Sometimes my Orphans may not match each other as well as the first press (if you will.)