bubblegenius' Shop Announcement

Our turnaround time is generally 5-7 days, longer during holidays, please keep in mind this is not the amount of time it will take for you to RECEIVE your item, but the amount of time it takes to create and ship your item! Please understand that our items are all hand made to order, there's only two of us and our four hands can only do so much. So for your own sake, and the sake of Etsy crafters everywhere, think about the gift you need to get a couple of weeks before you need it, rather than a couple of days. Thanks!
ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Yes, seriously, THAT'S how much it'll cost to ship your item! You have the USPS to thank for that. If you're ordering a few different items, chances are you'll get a bit of a refund, but otherwise, yeah, I'm afraid that shipping rates to any country outside the US (even Canada) has in many cases almost doubled in cost. Sorry about that.
Chicks. Dudes. Mamas. Babies. Dogs. Goths. Geeks. Wonks. Bath & body for everyone, vegan friendly, environmentally aware, and above all, fun. We've even got a few non-soapy surprises, so have fun browsing! Follow us on Twitter & friend us on Facebook for discounts & specials!

We've created the coolest soap & body care stuff you've ever seen! Here at Bubble Genius, we bridge the gap between natural, good-for-you products and laugh-out-loud fun. Our products are not only practical, but also make great gifts for someone you adore (including yourself)!

All of our soaps are vegetable glycerin-based and vegan-friendly. We strive to use natural and organic products whenever we can and many of our products feature nature's best oils, herbs and ingredients. Our soaps are not only fun, but they're kinder and gentler than many store-bought soaps which often contain chemical detergents and surfactants to put back the lather that their processing removes.

All of our products are professionally shrink-wrapped and packaged to the highest standards (ours!), therefore making them perfect for gift-giving.

Listen to the BOB AND CHEZ SHOW on iTunes, we sponsor them because we luhhhvs them so much - - and all you listeners, your special promo discount code is good here as well - just enter the coupon code when you check out!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.