Chivalrings' Shop Announcement

Steel is hard. Steel is strong. Woven into chainmail, it is also fluid and supple. But, as with the armoured knights of history and legend, the steel is only the surface, an outer shell that protects but also conceals, and beneath it lies the greatest strength of all.... Let the craft of Chivalrings reflect your inner light and indomitable spirit and remind you of your own never-ending quest.

Whether or not you leave here with chainmail, consider what drew you to it in the first place. Consider what draws you to anything, for therein lies the magic that is the foundation of all art. It is the "why" behind our seeking that shapes us and makes us who we are. Such is the quest that is life, and it takes great courage, not just to see the journey through, but to take that first look within. Do that, and you have set foot on the knightly path.

Please read the "Code of Chivalrings" under Shop Policies before making a purchase.