classycadavers' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Classy Cadavers etsy page!

I draw a lot of my inspiration from 40's glamor and other taxidermy arts. I try to create items that not only I would wear, but that girls with the same interests as me would wear.

Everything having to do with C.C. is handled by Bleu Blevins. Here, you'll find accessories of vaudeville, goth, and retro style.

All supplied derived from animals have been thoroughly cleaned by certified taxidermists, before it reaches me.

Most of our items are 'one fits all', so you never have to worry about finding the right size! All of our items are original idea's and some may be a one time, one of a kind deal. All hair accessories and other items are created in an animal-free and smoke-free environment.

I offer wholesale prices to buyers that pay upfront.
I ship world wide.