ClockworkZero's Shop Announcement

Where is everything? I've been out sick for a while but will be back soon. There will be new cyberpunk jewelry, new steampunk jewelry and more. I'm working on Vacuum tubes and some new designs.
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Currently featured here with TandM Magazine - check out the video which features a load of my jewelry and projects like my cyberpunk "chainmail vest"...

I'm an jewelry artist specializing in Steampunk Jewelry, Cyberpunk Adornment and original designs by a geek girl! Welcome to ClockworkZero.

I reuse machines, vacuum tubes, pocket watches, "gears", clocks, computer parts and more. I create each piece in my home studio. Please review my shop policies regarding shipping. You can email me directly too with questions: @

This year my work was in 3 fashion magazines: AUXILIARY MAGAZINE, ALT NOIR MAGAZINE and STYLE-OLOGY Magazine. A new short story will be out in a print anthology soon. Alas though, it has been a drastic year for personal sickness and family problems. I hope these are all behind me now!

I'm a ex-tech server support girl who occasionally writes short stories. I've been written about in WIRED Magazine by Clive Thompson, which was a real geek dream. I've a true interest in machines and love found objects. My work is influenced by a love of Science Fiction - writers like Willam Gibson, Pat Cadigan, and more recently, Richard Morgan. Great writers.. check them out.

thank you for your patience.

Check back soon. I'm going to have a LOT of new work!