ECOpurposed's Shop Announcement

Reusable, recycled cotton tote bags and organic cotton t-shirts can be creatively designed using recycled thrift store clothing and craft remnants. These are truly recycled and eco-friendly products. Recycling discarded fibers helps divert millions of tons of textile waste from entering our landfills each year. Over its lifetime, just ONE high quality reusable bag will eliminate thousands of paper and plastic bags. Just ONE 100% organic cotton T-shirt will keep 1/3 of a pound of pesticides from contaminating the soil. I purchase all my materials at thrift stores, wash and dry them, then disassemble and use everything I can. Sleeve cuffs make great pockets, t-shirt hems can be used as borders, and interesting patterns can be cut to make any design you want. Supporting a sustainable and healthy planet begins with just one bag, one t-shirt, one recycling effort. Every little bit helps.