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Welcome to our handmade, family owned and operated brand!

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Our Story: We have 7.5 years of ingredient research experience and counting! We began our research due to our own skin sensitivities and allergic reactions to cosmetics ingredients, dyes, and perfumes. We were also tired of paying countless dollars for "green" products that were expensive but not result worthy, nor very eco friendly.

So, If you are looking for synthetic fragrances, dyes, and chemicals in a jar, this is not the shop or brand for you.
Does this mean our products smell like grass? No! Therapeutic Grade oils, Organic oils, and fruit essence, YES!

Our products contain 79.7% (preserved by citric, ascorbic, or other natural ingredient to prevent spoiling and mold) to 100% Certified Organic, Raw, Unrefined, and Non Chemically filtered ingredients that may contain shell bits or sediments in the finished product due to hand processing and packaging.
Please RECYCLE all plastic and paper product containers as we use level 1 &2 plastics.

The Summary of our company brand:

We believe that as competent and intelligent individuals, you should be given facts so that you can decide what is best for you and your family. When considering a brand, we hope that some form of your health, sustainability, no animal testing, closest to the Earth ingredients are at the forefront of your decision instead of just price.

We are ingredient educators and know as THE ORIGINAL PERSONAL CARE ANALYSIS team. This means, our product test panel includes licensed cosmetology and other professionals that give us suggested use instructions for use by customers and professionals. We are the first brand (now other brands are doing "analysis" after seeing us at events) to offer free hair and skin analysis to customers before they commit to purchase.

Why analysis?
Why throw a dart at s dart board in complete darkness? We feel that aimlessly buying from random brands is like throwing a dart in the dark if you do not know about the ingredients and which ingredients are best for your hair, face, and skin. It does not matter what famous person endorses it, the allure of wealth or health, nor expense or frugality if the product does not work for you.

We offer custom product orders! That's right! Customized products are the only sure way to know our brand is exactly WHAT YOU NEED. Contact Regina to get started: 3179793050 or convo on Etsy.

We sell small samples for $1 before you commit to buying our full size product.

Our Focus: Reflect God's love, Feed our Family, Reduce our Carbon Foot Print (working on better packaging), Support Fair Trade, Support More Organic Farmers(ingredients) and Support Ethical practices of product testing (no animal testing).

Our Mission: "that each of our customers love your Earth, love your family, and acknowledge that we do too!"-Founder
If there is anything that we left out, please feel free to get to know us better by convo, facebook, or calling!

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