feedyourface's Shop Announcement

Now taking Easter preorders -- just order as usual and let me know when you'd like your caramels to arrive!

16 flavors of gourmet organic vegan caramels, dairy-free, gluten-free, corn syrup-free, virtually soy-free*, always yummy! Just broke 1000 sales -- you guys rock! As always all proceeds go toward paying off $30k+ of water damage bills so your orders mean a LOT to me. Thank you so much! <3

*ALLERGEN NOTE: The only soy I use is the tiny amount that occurs in Earth Balance vegan butter. I have friends that are severely soy-allergic and can eat Earth Balance with no reaction, so I hope it's safe for everyone. That said, I cannot guarantee a total lack of cross-contamination with allergens that exist in my kitchen (soy, gluten, corn) so, of course, if you have a severe allergy to even trace amounts of these allergens, please play it safe & avoid. I don't want you to get sick! Being sick sucks! As for common allergens that DO occur in the caramels, the carrot cake flavor has walnuts and the marzipan has almonds, and they are ALL coconut milk-based, so if you are allergic to coconut, PLEASE AVOID! If there are some less-common allergens that concern you, ask away. I answer fast. :)

Please message me for international shipping costs!