ferdworthi's Shop Announcement

YOU are the key that unlocks the cage in the artists mind. YOU free the birds of creativity for their flight of endless possibilities. ~The sky is the limit~ This boutique is inspired by those who assume they are not creative. Want to find out why you ARE as creative as any artist and how to tap into it?

All too often – art appreciation morphs into sadly shaking heads and issued complaints of: “I wish I was creative like that.” Our mission is to rid the world of this mindset. The truth is – you ARE creative! The artist’s efforts are only one part of the circle of art. There must be inspiration, ideas, and MUSES who hold equal weight so the creative circle continues to renew itself. Without your desires, ideas, specific-detailed wishes, and your displaying the pieces to share it forward – the creative process ends.

The whole point of displaying art or fashion is to SHARE its message. Sharing means you are actually involved and you ARE a creator! It is our hope that any art or fashion purchased here involves you - not only in the message, but in the process of creativity as well.

To know you are responsible for the creation of something is a divine feeling. We want to share that with you. We want to create custom art for our custom-ers.

Contributing artists believe in the ideals of the handmade lifestyle that Etsy encourages. Handmade can be thought of as quaintly down home, or as couture, and painstakingly detailed custom work.

We aim for somewhere in the middle of these two polar opposites with our art. The goal is to create handmade treasures that are not so painstakingly couture that the price is outrageous, but not so cheaply made as to be worthless. In fact, they are to be ‘worthi’ (a play on the last name of the artist who inspired this site and a nod to Charles Fredrick Worth – creator of Haute Couture.)

WELCOME and thank you for visiting and viewing this portfolio of CUSTOM CREATIONS worthy of an obsession with quality and detail.

Your custom ordered item will be created AFTER you order. Please specify the details you require according to your discerning preferences.

Please allow 1 to 4 weeks for creation and delivery. That time may vary or double during holiday months.

International shipping is available - all prices may vary according to custom details.

Any featured artists would love to create a custom item for you. It is as simple as sending a conversation or requesting a custom item via the links.

For any other information on shop policies or the artist(s) profiles, follow the links.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.