Fluid Ink Fine Letterpress of Australia

Davina and her presses.
Mavis and the Admiral (Golding Pearl OS#3 circa 1893 & Chandler & Price OS circa 1892)
Vintage wood moveable type.
Retro guy an gal cards with Christmas phrases.
Fluid Ink Letterpress studio

Whats the big deal about letterpress anyway?

Letterpress is fine, unique and it has soul.
It leaves a mark on the paper like no other process today can., and its quality will leave a mark on you heart. You can feel the indent the images leave on the soft cotton paper and you can tell that it has been made with care, time and patience. It has a finish that is not able to be produced with modern day technology.

Fluid Ink was born out of my urge to 'unplug' from my regular desk job in front of the computer. Working with letterpress forces me to be slow, accurate, work only with what equipment and tools I have and there is no 'undo' button! It’s a dinosaur’s approach, to be sure, born out of nostalgia and a desire to unplug from my overly digitized existence. The appeal is being hands on, messy and sometimes quite physical.

I print on an 1892 Chandler and Price Old Style (the main work horse 'The Admiral') and an 1893 Golding Pearl Old style #3 (the precious little lady 'Mavis').

It’s important to me that my work is seen and liked. I like to create pieces that are contemporary, current and fashionable. Its not art for arts sake, my letterpress items are meant to be used as purposeful stationery and paper goods.

Fluid Ink prints letterpress coasters, greeting cards, gift tags and invitations onto 100% cotton paper and recycled card stock using photopolymer plates, vintage illustrated blocks and moveable wood & metal type.

With a passion for Indi design and a commitment to conquer the ‘work – life balance’ plus regular appearances in markets and 'Montage Collective Pop Up shops' in Perth, life is certainly busy but full!

Letterpress is the graphic design equivalent of slow food - incredibly labour intensive and demanding of skill and patience. When you discover a letterpress piece, there’s something different about it. It was touched by human hands, it is tactile, you can see and feel the indentation the letters and ink leave in the paper and you will fall in love with its quality.
Davina F
owner, maker, designer, curator
Davina started her adult life as a primary music teacher, dove into graphic design paused her career for mothering and found her way into printing.