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Tracy Melton creates original, rustic- modern, mid century style wall art, on reclaimed wood slices, along with other original works of modern art. Great paintings for a traditional home, lake house, or cabin!

Tracy's "Tree Ring" paintings, are his signature works of art. Inspired by nature, and created with pride, every work of art, is handmade with the upmost attention to hue, thickness of lines, placement of colors, reclaimed wood selection, and overall design.

He is a established , professional artist, who creates high end, upscale, original, modern art by using reclaimed Red Elm trees cut from deep inside a woodland, near a creek, and past a cornfield in the Hoosier State of Indiana.

My original paintings are done on Reclaimed Red Elm wood. This is a beautiful American hardwood that is hard to find, and can't be bought. It is rare because of a invasive species that started killing theses great American trees over 100 years ago.
A interesting fact about the Red Elm tree; The leaves are oval shaped, tough and hairy above and velvety below.

Tracy's been featured on many well known such shows as, Martha Stewart, NBC's Parenthood, and CBS'sTwo Broke Girls. His signature "Tree Ring Series" of paintings, have been used by hotels, hospitals, and many corporate offices.

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