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Gourmet clean burning coconut wax candles and tarts, heavily scented, SINCE 1999
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* Unique custom blended strong gourmet fragrances (see fragrance list below)
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I have been asked why I only keep 25 or so fragrances in stock instead of the typical 500+ scents you often see. The main reason is this, many of my fragrances are custom blends made by me, using only the finest essential oils and perfume grade oils available. Upscale boutique fragranced candles at an affordable price.

I have spent the last 14 years developing complex fragrance blends with dimensional scent notes. I try to always have the four essentials in rotation: Bakery scents, Fruity scents, Spicy scents, and floral scents, something for every taste. I do add new fragrances throughout the year. I use as much fragrance oil as my wax can hold for a strong fragrance throw. Read my feedback for customer reviews. After all, with candles, isn't it all about the fragrance?

For simpler ordering, you can pick your favorite fragrances from the list below and your preferred sizes (4 oz jar, 16 oz jar, or wax tarts) and send a mssg to me. I'll put up a custom listing for you!

16 OZ JAR: $20.95
3 pack of Clamshell wax tarts: 12.95



(Three newest fragrances at very bottom)

1 ) PATISSERIE ~ My own special blend of almond extract, rich butter and cane sugar, finished off with delicious spicy cinnamon. A fragrance that you will not find anywhere else and also one of my most popular fragrances (along with Homestead, below) This is a super strong fragrance that will fill your home with yummy

2 ) RUSTIC LOG CABIN ~ Spicy cinnamon and oak logs blend deliciously with bright citrus peel, and warm buttery vanilla. Mid layers of baked apple compote gives life to this multidimensional fragrance. So delicious and cozy, light it up and grab a book! It's comfort time! This is not a sweet fragrance, think of it as a deluxe apple and oak type fragrance.

3 ) SULTAN ~ Exotic and earthy, Sultan is my own fragrance blend with top notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and champa flower. Rose geranium, jasmine, and vanilla lend a light and sweet middle note, and the bottom layer is a very light touch of musk for fragrance throw and balance. This fragrance is very warm and incredibly calming. A perfect stress reliever

4 ) CINNAMON BEIGNETS ~ Decadent notes of deep fried French pastry dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

5 ) DAYDREAMING ~ A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, juicy pomegranate, creamy vanilla, and coconut milk with hints of rose petals and soft jasmine.

6 ) APPLE PEAR GALETTE ~ Notes of crisp apples and caramelized pears, with a hint of buttery browned pastry crust

7 ) SPICED APPLE ~ A Perfect blend of tart juicy apples tossed with spicy cinnamon

8 ) FAIRY FOREST ~ Perched deep in the green forest sits a sprightly little fairy surrounded by all of her favorite things, birch forest with tones of green such as wild grass, violet leaves and mint, enhanced by carnation, moss & eucalyptus. A custom blend fragrance that you will not find anywhere else

9 ) FARMERS MARKET ~ This fresh from the farmer stand fragrancecaptures the sweetness of ripe cantaloupes combined with the crispfresh notes of green cucumbers.

10 ) SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE ~ Creamy pumpkin blended with sweet cane sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

11 ) DELUXE VANILLA ~ Not your everyday Vanilla, this complex vanillafragrance has top notes of butter, caramel and cane sugar with a veryrich vanilla background.

12 ) WILD LAVENDER ~ The scent of wild grown lavender that fills the air in the French region of Provence

13 ) HOMESTEAD ~ Warm cinnamon and vanilla combined with the deliciousdried fruit notes of apple, plum, and orange will draw you home. Many of my long time customers favor this as their signature year round home fragrance, very cozy

14 ) OOH LA LA ~ A sensual fragrance with top notes of creamy sweet vanilla and warm golden amber followed by middle notes of vanilla orchid, jasmine, and freesia. Very light notes of sandalwood, and patchouli give an excellent background to this complex heady blend. An intoxicating seductive fragrance.

15 ) CARAMEL PECAN ~ Toasted pecans swirled into rich buttery caramel, with just a touch of vanilla.

16 ) BESSIES SPICE CAKE ~ Warm ginger, clove and cinnamon combined into a rich butter cake, drizzled with vanilla icing, yummmmy!

17 ) VINTAGE LACE ~ The fresh fragrance of cotton with light layers of Ozone and sweet wildflower.

18 ) CARNIVAL ~ Warm cotton candy, vanilla syrup, with a light touch of musk and light florals will remind you of a fun evening at the town carnival. A pink sugar lovers dream!

19 ) MADELEINES ~ The delicious fragrance of the petite shell shaped cookies that are so beloved in France. Bakery cake notes are combined with rich butter fragrance and fresh squeezed lemon.

20 ) BANANA CARAMEL MUFFIN ~ Freshly baked warm banana nut muffins slathered in buttery caramel.

21 ) SHABBY GARDEN ~ Strolling down the cobble stone road to the little stone cottage, through the rustic white washed gate, you will find the wonderful aroma of antique tea roses and fresh rose leaf. Created for the romantic

22 ) CINNABERRY COMPOTE ~ Sugared tart notes of fresh cranberry and orange produce a splash of attention-grabbing citrus. Warm cinnamon zest blended with opulent notes of clove create an enticing layer, while a hint of sweet vanilla cream ties the notes all together.

23 ) BLACKBERRY VANILLA ~ A wonderful blend of sun-ripened blackberries and rich vanilla topped with sweet heavy whipping cream.

24 ) DUCHESS ~ Delicious decadent wild honey comb combined with a mixed bouquet of french wildflowers. A very unique and complex fragrance.

25 ) CINNAMON & BALSAM ~ Warm sweet and spicy cinnamon blended with the cozy fragrance of balsam fir. ~A recent customer review~ "Cinnamon & Balsam smells like walking into your favorite craft store during the Holidays, with those cinnamon broom sticks and evergreen wreath fragrances mingling all around you, love it!"Also great year round as a cozy fragrance

26 ) PEAR SPICE ~ Jazz up your day with the aroma of juicy pears, warm brown sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, and a touch of cinnamon spice. A tantalizing treat!

27 ) GINGER PEACH BELLINI ~ Ripe peach puree and zesty ginger syrup combine with light notes of fruity Prosecco in this bold and fresh fragrance! My newest fragrance blend

28 ) COCONUT LIME DANDY ~ a very refreshing and zippy scent! This fragrance begins with top notes of lime, black currant, bergamot and melon. The middle notes are tuberose, coconut, lemon, mandarin orange, and peach. A light touch of sandalwood adds depth and balance.

29) PEMBERLEY MANOR - A comforting blend of rich tobacco, burnished wood, worn leather, with a hint of aged cherry brandy.

30) BLUEBERRY STRUESEL MUFFIN ~ Fresh vanilla cake fragrance is combined with tart wild blueberries and covered in a brown sugar and butter struesel blend

31) FROSTED CARROT CAKE ~This delicious fragrance starts with the scent of grated carrot and rich spiced buttery cake batter baked to a dark golden brown. A finish of tangy and sweet cream cheese frosting makes this fragrance blend very realistic

32) BARISTA ~ A base note of fresh brewed coffee is combined with rich hazelnut syrup and swirled with sweetened whipping cream and finished with a drizzle of caramel and a sprinkling of cinnamon. A coffee lovers delight.

33) ~ WUTHERING HEIGHTS ~ Rich cedar plank with light notes of sandalwood and patchouli, finished with a base note of musk. A very rich and brooding, masculine blend

34) ~ OLD WORLD HEARTH ~ A base of oak embers mingles with cinnamon, clove, and a touch of rich vanilla and citrus. This is a warm and spicy blend

35) ~ COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE ~ A brisk walk through the Rocky Mountain forest. True, fresh and strong Evergreen.

36) ~ WOODLAND TRAILS ~ Take a stroll with me through the piney woods. The scents of brisk air and crisp leaves join woody notes of rich mountain pine, cedar, and golden aspen while whiffs of forest berries, sage, and clove swirl delicately in the backdrop.

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