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* I AM TRAVELING FROM APRIL 14 - MAY 3. All orders placed during this time will be shipped the week of May 4th. Thanks for your patience!*

Hello! I’m Jessica Swift — a pattern designer, artist + author in Portland, OR.
And I’ve got a few things to say about HAPPINESS.

Everything I put into the world — from prints to e-books to rain boots to iPhone cases— is designed to serve as a token of happiness. A reminder that you need — and deserve — to feel GOOD about your life.

I believe that HAPPINESS is like food, sunshine + water.
It’s not frivolous — it’s mandatory. An undeniable human right.
We need it. We deserve it. And we can find — and create it — in limitless ways.

For me, happiness isn’t usually about cupcakes, balloons + manic cartwheels across the lawn. Most of the time, it’s an experience of stillness + simple contentment.

I find happiness in those moments when my mind stops chattering + nattering, and I simply feel OK with what I’ve got … OK with what I’m creating … OK with who I am.

I make art because it makes me happy. Simple as that. But I also make art because I want to create everyday moments of happiness, for YOU.

Because when you're content with what you’ve got, you stop fighting with your heart …
and your happiness can’t help but bubble out.

You start to unravel your wild + colorful dreams — and take those dreams seriously.
You find untapped reserves of enthusiasm + energy.
You take big, brave strides — and say YES to adventures.
You inspire other people, simply by existing.
You grant other people permission to find happiness, too.
(It’s kinda like a pandemic virus — except AWESOME.)

Be brave. Be happy. Live color to the max!


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