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Kerala is a fun frilly shop displaying eye-catching fantasy chandelier, costume, bridal and statement earrings with an ornate feminine allure. All of the extravagantly designed earrings are made by hand, by an artist dabbling in color and whimsy! They're made with time, love and care. There are no machine made qualities to any of the designs, only a beautiful handmade aesthetic. They are colorful, funky, girly and made to be worn by unique souls. They are for joy-enducing ornate visual happiness! There are many elaborate styles inspired from Medieval to Edwardian, Bohemian to may just find one that suits you....or that Masquerade Ball you're attending!

Most of the designs can be made with french wires, posts or clip-on. Leverbacks are offered for the smaller pairs only and those are bronze plated brass, raw brass or gold-plated brass. The clip-ons used are generally raw brass. For severe allergy sufferers french wires made from niobium, surgical steel or titanium wire is available and for posts there is surgical steel. The french wires are handmade from hypo-allergenic raw brass for all other pairs. If you have any special requests, please feel free to ask. Any special materials that need to be purchased will be an added cost.

Kerala, a state in India meaning 'surrounded by coconut trees', is one of exotic beauty, commonly referred to as 'God's Own Land'. Myth has it that Kerala was created by Parasurama (an avatar of God) when he tossed his ax dripping with the blood of his mother, over the Western Ghats Mountain into the sea. He was asked to decapitate his mother by his father over an allegation of adultery. Parasurama chopped off his mother's head and this pleased his father so much that he granted him any wish he wanted. He promptly asked for his mother to be brought back to life and it was granted. However Parasurama felt so bad after this that he tossed his favorite weapon to the sea and renounced violence once and for all. However the sea which is depicted as a Goddess didn't want to receive the spooky ax and receded creating the land of Kerala.

...Pretty heavy stuff :), but a rich culture, filled with history and tradition. I chose the name for its exotic beauty, it sounded pretty and represented my inherent style and what inspires me the most. East Indian culture and design is my greatest inspiration. :)

You can find the policies of each listing page or here: Please read these before purchasing. Some items are marked 'Made to Order' and may take a few days before they are ready to be shipped.
If you would like a solution to wearing some of the larger pairs with added support, there is a listing in the shop for a product called 'Lobe Wonder', that helps hold the weight of the earring, here:

I remake and relist most of my earring designs that are not marked otherwise. If you want a full custom pair of earrings designed especially for you a custom order fee will apply. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Please note, I only communicate through Etsy, I don't make phone calls or use personal e-mails. I am not always taking on custom orders so please check with me first before any requests. I work a full time job aside from my jewelry so please respect my time as you would your own. I am usually away from the computer on the weekends because my brain needs a break from the land of etsyville. so I will get back with you next business day.

Nice of you to stop by and thank you kindly for your orders!


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.