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*** Saturday Night Specials ****

Free shipping on orders $50.00 or more. Please use coupon code snsapril12

Buy any 3 soaps get one free.Please put in notes to seller your fragrance choice.

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Offer ends 4/13/14 @ 6am EST

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*•-:¦:-•:* New Scents *•-:¦:-•:*

Toasted marshmallow
Smoke out
Pumpkin ginger streusel
Pine needle
Lemon lavender (eo)
Maple butter
Banana nut bread
Pumpkin chai
Macintosh apple
Old spice type
Burberry weekend type
Frankincense (eo)
Frankincense & Myrrrh (eo)
Ylang ylang & myrrh (eo)
Joop Type (m)
Blood orange & goji
Pumpkin cupcakes
Beach type
Dancing waters
Victorian rose
Lick me over
Lavender basil
Rootbeer float
Apple mango tango
Black pepper
Black amber musk
South pacific waters
Goji berry bliss
Abalone & sea
Butt naked
Asian plum
Drakkar type
Cool water type
Almond honey
Sun & Sand Type
Candy crush
Fresh cut grass
Revitalizing mint (eo)
Sea glass

More to come