lapicarey's Shop Announcement

Just got back from Tucson with loads of top quality gem rough.
I was very lucky,and have purchased some of the best material ever.
AAAA Blue moonstone
AAAA rainbow moonstone,
AAAA Marlborough apple and seafoam chrysoprase
Collector quality boulder opal
AAA spectrolite from Finland
and more.
Plus my continuing supply of holly purple agate, ,rare Brazilian drusy ,and gem silica from Arizona..I will continue to put out some of the best fire obsidian ever,along with tourmaline(pink,red,blue ,green,and yellow.), as well.rutilated quartz. .
None of my gems are dyed or treated in any way.

All of my stones are hand cut and polished by me .I do not tumble polish.
All stone bottoms are flat, finished and beveled.

World class gems at peoples prices.
My drusy stones are some of the finest natural color drusy stones ever to be seen. My lapis, chrysoprase, and natural color chalcedonys are of unparalleled quality.
I have been involved in the lapidary trade since 1972.I have cut tens of thousands of cabs for design and manufacturing jewelers in that time.
My search for quality rough at the source has taken me to Mexico,Hong Kong,Thailand,Burma,Sri Lanka,Afghanistan,The high Himalayas of Pakistan,Nepal,as well as Kashmir and Ladakh in India.

I also fashion beads,bottles,bowls,power objects and skulls from high quality quartz, lapis,and other stone.
Images of my lapidary work have been published in "Gems and Gemology".
I consider my prices to be wholesale or below.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.