littlewhitebarn's Shop Announcement

So many ask about our stone and I am always glad to share how it's made. It's a complicated formula involving magical ingredients brought by grumpy little elves. The techniques have long been lost, that was until a little group of forest fairies, called the Windlings, shared the secret with me over dinner and a fermented case of Christmas Egg Nog. You see, the Windlings have a weakness for Egg Nog. That's another story all together.

The truth is, we love making our little houses and we love the look on our customers' faces when they see them in person.

In the "little white barn" behind our 1853 Carriage House, we started making wood landscape structures. We spent $65 on a sign in our front yard and started helping clients in our neighborhood. We haven't spent a penny in advertising since. Our resources have been spent making our clients happy, one project at a time and those clients have spread our name to their friends and family.

Watch a little video if you have the time:

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Our Stone is Unique

After many attempts at developing a lightweight yet durable stone, Adam finally developed a strong yet light stone which he calls simply "Formula 14".
It is an "Old World" recipe which has been updated to make one of the most unique and attractive man made stones. Many ask what are the secrets and Adam replies "it's simple, first start with a volcanic glass and a natural mineral, heat them to extreme temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees, let them pop like popcorn..." needless to say, there's nothing simple about it. The process is very expensive and laborious but the final product yields a very beautiful man made stone that is durable enough to handle the weather.

Another interesting fact is that all of the ingredients start as natural occurring products in the environment. No chemicals are used in the production of the stone or in the shop cleanup.

Accessories are hand crafted in our little wood and metal shop. Door hinges and metal work are hand shaped and pounded. Chimneys, doors, and cupola's are all hand cut and finished.