louiseblack's Shop Announcement

New pricing structure on custom corsets -- please read on.

Trying out new pricing/listing shenanigans. I will sell limited quantities of cameo corsets in a month (limited because I still want to work on other projects and limited because I'm going to take great care that there is no overlap with orders, which has resulted in some orders being late while I do nothing but make corsets for hours which are criminal).

When I list custom corsets which will ship in short order, these listings will come with a money-where-my-mouth-is guarantee. If I'm late, I will give you some of your money back. I won't make these listings too often or in anything but small quantities when I do. These listings will be full price.

This new structure leaves no room for sales, however, you can still get a sale price by ordering one of the willing-to-wait-for-a-good-thing listings. These custom corset listings will be priced lower, but will ship in 3-4 weeks (also with a guarantee of ship date). The lower-priced corsets will be limited as well, just not as limited. I don't want more overlap here, either, and regardless of the price of the corset, I'm only doing so many a month (and some months I will have scant offerings -- if any -- for custom corsets.

If I'm late on shipping, I'll give you 25% of your money back.