MagickallyMade's Shop Announcement

SPRING CLEANSING IS UPON US! ~*~10% off all smudging items, including custom smudge fans and feathers!!!~*~ Just in time to remove the stagnant energy trapped from winter and let in the fresh new energy of the Equinox. Check out our smudging options for your cleansing needs, or have us make one just for you! Virtually dozens of options for personalized kits available. Antler, Stone feather, we have you covered with every possible energy need! Any of our items can be customized to fit your specific needs and energy! Through consultation and connection, we will create the perfect something just for you, or just for whom you would like!
All of our custom BOS' are archival/heirloom quality, created to last for generations.With infinite possibilities for designs, we can create the one just for you!We are proud to offer flexible payment plans! Simply message us , and together we will create exactly what you were hoping for!! Can't find what your looking for anywhere? We can probably create it for you, just ask!!
All of our products are created by hand by the 2 of us from start to finish. We polish the Abalone, dye leather and broom corn using earth friendly vegetable dyes, hand cut all stone right here from rough we obtain from around the world, and create smudge fans, custom wands, spheres, beads, cabochons even amazing scourge handles!!
All sewn books are done the old world way. Sewn on chords with the highest quality archival materials. From the binders board covers to the tiniest detail inside, we create your personal book to last for generations!. We want to capture the essence of old world tradition in all that we do, while using new world techniques that help us to protect the earth.
All stone products you find here, are hand tooled right here in our shop. We obtain rough stone from around the globe and use all parts. NATURAL stone is not 100% perfect. Sometimes they have some fissures or "pock" marks that cannot be tooled off the surface without destroying the whole piece.We do our best to work around them so they do not effect the beauty of the finished item but on occasion a sphere may have a small mark that is natural to the stone. As these are from Mother Earth and not a lab there is no way completely around this. As my Grandmother taught me, it's in the imperfections that we will always find perfection.
We create as much as we can right here. Using even the smallest pieces and even dust for inlay work. Such beautiful gifts from the Earth should never be wasted. We can create a wide range of those products right here, from Cabochons and Beads, to Spheres, Vessels Custom Wands, Smudge Fans and amazing scourge handles, this allows us to custom create anything necessary for your special item.
Any element that we don't have time/tools to create at this time (the ornate metal embellishments for instance) we get from small businesses who share our ethical (and ideally spiritual) views and will only comprise a small portion of the finished product.
All of our leather comes from suppliers who take only what they need and use the entire animal so there is no waste. We do our best to obtain any wood used in our items from salvage through several colleagues who specifically look for that fallen branch, or fallen tree. We truly do NOT support clear cutting, over mining or anything else that will eventually destroy our planet.

Thank you for your interest!!

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