MarquesaJen's Shop Announcement

Over the next few months this space, formerly Marquesa Jen Jewelry, will be changing an awful lot. Read on to learn about those changes.

Why the name change?
I've come to trust my gut instincts, and while I still use the name Marquesa Jen for many applications, it didn't fit the space I am now building. Ginger Mountain refers to several things, but I'm referring to Mount Joy and Mount Misery in Valley Forge, which in fall turn the most amazing shades of orange.

So, no more jewelry?
It's true that jewelry will no longer be my focus, but it will still makes appearances here. Think of this as a "general store" if you will, a place that carries many things for you, for family, for friends.

What can we expect to see and when?
Expect a little bit of jewelry, some crocheted neck warmers, crocheted scrubbers, ornaments, hand painted cards, and more. I don't have an exact date for my grand re-opening, but not sooner than two months is my guess. I want to have lots of variety before this adventure begins.