merineiti's Shop Announcement

KEYCHAIN SPRING SALE! Hand assembled, unique keychains super cheap!!! Nautical, fandom, heavy metal...

Corsets, stays, bodices
18th century, Marie Antoinette, Pirates
bags, purses, pockets, paniers, hoops
Renaissance & historical clothing and accessories of all sorts.

About clothing I make, I am making:
*Historical clothing - more period accurate and/or higher quality items.

*Unique Costumes - made a new shop section for clothing of "costume quality" which are machine sewn, modern/upcycled materials, less tailored (less stiffening/boning/attention to detail/unlined) yet nevertheless One of a kind garments, perfectly suitable for cosplay etc.

I also irregularly sew Barbie Doll clothing.

You can see some old costumes I've made here:

Prices at the moment are determined by the difficulty of the style and materials.

I've also sewn men's 18th century period clothing, please note the amount of tailoring & handsewing is greater than in female clothing.

I sew at home office, please note that we have a white dog in the premises, trying to sneak into the sewing room..