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Please enjoy browsing my wedding veils, garters, hair wreaths, and flower treats. Special order items are always welcome on all wedding veils, sashes, garters, wreaths, and other items. Contact me to discuss your wedding veil or any other item you would like to have customized. Im usually quick in response to help you.
Enjoy my shop and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thanks xx

************** How to Purchase From Midsummer Eve ***************

1:: When you find the item you want to buy, click on the Add to Cart button on the item listing page.
Note: If you need me to post a listing with a specific length or custom change please convo me for the change and I will happily change something for you.

2:: Choose color in the drop down box.

3:: Add Order Details in the NOTES Section
Please list the following details here, even if we have already discussed your item's details with me. This will help me to make sure we are on the same page.

:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*: PLEASE INCLUDE ALL DETAILS :*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:

:*:*: Your wedding date or the day you are leaving for your destination wedding. Make note that if this is less than 4 weeks away we must set up a RUSH.

Get your rush listing here:

:*:*: The color of your wedding dress. Please include the actual name of the color and a personal description of how you would describe the color. Example: Stark White, Ivory, Blush

------------------------------ VERY IMPORTANT -------------------------------
I don't accept refunds so purchase a swatch here so I can get it right the first time or order and pay for your veil and get your swatches free:

4:: Checkout

5:: Sit back and Relax for 4 weeks. Production begins once your FULL payment has gone through. Once your item has shipped I will send you an Etsy Convo! The 4 weeks doesn't necessarily include in route shipment time.


:*:*:*:*:*: ALL Items Are Made to Order 4 Week Lead Time :*:*:*:*:*:

Most items in my store are handmade to order and take up to and sometimes longer than 4 weeks to ship and doesn't necessarily include in route shipment time. These items are made to order and considered custom. If you don't see a listing for the veil, length or item you want please convo me and I will happily post it for you.

:*:*:*:*: IN A RUSH!! :*:*:*:*:

Put a RUSH on it! Make note that if your wedding/departure date is less than 4 weeks away you must set up a RUSH.

Get your rush listing here:

:*:*:*: International Shipping Disclaimer :*:*:*:
Due to the fact that Customs can hold any package as long as they want I can't guarantee it will reach you in time. In the sad event that Customs does hold your veil past your departure/wedding date I am not responsible and sadly can't accept a return since each item is custom, made specifically for you. Thank YOU for understanding!!!


*:*: What is a BLUSHER???
A blusher is a second layer of tulle that is often but doesn't have to be worn over the face as you walk down the isle. It is a tradition that dates back thousands of years and is so sweet and romantic to symbolize the first kiss as husband and wife!

*:*: How Are Veils Worn???
Every veil is attached to a 3" or 4" silver metal comb. Metal combs are much more secure and easier for hair stylists to work with.

*:*: How Are Bridal Caps Worn???
There are two small combs on my bridal caps for secure placement. One comb is attached to either side of the cap near the ear where the tulle gathers. For the best placement slide one comb in and then hold it in place while you put the other one in. When pushing the second comb in don't be scared to stretch the tulle a bit so that there is some tension on the cap when you slide the second comb in. The tension on the cap will help hold the combs in place. This may take some practice before you get a REALLY secure placement. The caps can be worn high or low on the head. It is all in the placement!

*:*: How Do I Get The Wrinkles Out Of My Veil???
Make sure to take your veil out of the package and hang it up so the wrinkles can begin to fall out. I highly recommend having your veil professionally steamed. If you do iron your veil, use the lowest setting with a white, dye free cloth in between the veil and the iron. I enclose full instructions with each veil..

*:*: Can I Return My Item???
I'm sorry I don't accept returns or exchanges on handmade items made to order. This includes garters, veils, hats, fascinators, sashes, and all handmade items. I will accept returns on do it yourself items and other non handmade items ONLY. Thanks for understanding!

*:*: Please be sure you've purchased the correct color and length before you checkout!

:*:*:*: What are the Standard Wedding Veil Lengths :*:*:*:

Mini Veil or Flyaway one and two tiers 9" and 11"

Shoulder length to 18" and 20"

Elbow or Blusher length to 25" and 30"

Fingertip to 36" and 40"

Waist to 45"

Knee to 55"

Sweep to 75"

Ballet to 90"

Chapel to 108" - 120"
Cathedral to 144"

Royal to 180"

All photos and designs are property of Midsummer Eve © copyright 2012
Please do not re-post photos without giving credit!

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